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When can one say that their mobile app navigation design passes the standards?

It has been previously established that a good design is responsive, outstanding in style, while still remaining fully functional. The interface should appear smooth, which can be further improved with custom icons, well-used animation, and readable contents. Also, it should cater to different platforms, such as Android and iOS.

You might think that it is a good idea to utilize all elements to meet all criteria, but you have to be careful. Using them all does not guarantee a great result, so it is important to consider how you can make everything work together.

Here are some good mobile app menu examples that you can follow for startup projects. The following examples were picked based on how they organize different elements into collaborating flawlessly.


Abracadabra App

This example is easily one of the best mobile menu design inspirations available online. Each icon is specifically designed to match the theme of the project, which is retro. The app navigation also utilizes animation in subtle yet stirring manner. The designer also used the perfect shades of reds and browns to keep it retro fun and professional at the same time. It could’ve been perfect if a slightly different font style was included.

This kind of application is fitting for a company that would like to appeal aesthetically. For example, if your business involves selling music, this can be quite the impressive interface to welcome visitors.


Shario App

Looking at these screenshots from the developers, you will immediately see that the interface design is easy on the eyes. Choosing light colors is a good move since it gives the impression that your business is easy to understand and transact. Users will definitely be pleased with the experience. Also, the font style and size is just right for easy screen display: not too big to crowd the whole screen, and not too small for reading difficulties. The transition animation is also smooth and subtle.

Mobile app navigation patterns like this will work for a business that deals with handling money, like banks or online payments. The interface is easy to understand to prevent errors and confusion. It is also welcoming enough to convince people to trust your brand with their transactions.


Explore the Moon

This template is originally for a desktop audience, but the developers also came up with its own mobile interface design. What’s impressive is that they still managed to capture the theme and the elements in a responsive manner for smaller screens. It is very easy to use since they kept everything simple and straight to the point. The theme is very minimalistic, utilizing the color black to implement class and elegance.

This kind of design and layout is perfect for those who wish to highlight their products, especially those who sell products in the technology industry. It has a great way of conveying a clear message that your products are high-quality and superior to competitors.



Here’s another app menu design inspiration to follow if you are looking for a clean and easy-to-understand interface. Elevatr is an app that seeks to provide new feature offerings that make mobile navigation a pleasing experience for users. Aside from its simple design, it has bright colors that perfectly contrasts the white background. It is not only nice to look at, but it also helps in making the navigation fun and engaging.
If you plan on having an app that is focused on productivity, then you can use this mobile menu design as a reference for your project. However, it can also be used as an inspiration for other app navigation design focused on a different service, such as news and current events.



The plan for this app was to help users navigate through the city without stress and confusion. It would’ve failed if they followed bad mobile app menu examples, but they came up with their own instincts on what can make it work. Wouldn’t it be ironic to feel lost in an apps navigation that was supposed to make place navigation easier? They made sure that everything a traveler will need to know is in an obvious place. It also has special features including the “bring me home” option that will immediately show you the way home from where you are.

This design is perfect for businesses that utilize maps for their services, such as car booking or tracking.