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Product creation is an exciting, yet challenging journey. It begins with nothing but an idea, transitions through a sketch, and ends with a result.

The world of a product designer is a combination of pragmatism and vision, with a pitch of creativity, entrepreneurship, and technical skills.

Oftentimes tasked with the demanding task to put together logic and creativity, a product designer needs to have extensive knowledge when it comes to model making, serious knowledge in computer-aided design (CAD), enviable technical skills and, of course, good project management.

Having said that, what are the things that a product design agency should be focused on in 2019? With a new year unfolding upon the horizon, let’s have a look at 10 essential tips for any product designer or product design company to consider.

Functionality Over Features

As a product design company, your main goal should be to create something functional. Sometimes, this comes at the expense of features.

It’s particularly easy to get bogged down with far too many details. However, there are occasions when your customers won’t long for a clever and multi-functional device – they might just want something that works.

As a general rule of product design, the more features a device has, the less intuitive it will become. Think of it this way – sometimes a simple screwdriver is far better than a swiss-army knife. It’s very important to consider what’s current and what’s not within the field of the product you’re creating. For instance, if you’re creating a smartwatch design, it might be a good idea to be aware of the essential rules of wearable design.

It Needs to Be Useful

It’s probably as simple as it gets but it definitely needs to be stressed out. As a product design agency, your designs need to be useful.

The utility is always something you ought to have as a number one priority. One thing to consider here is that as a product designer, you should be applying this requirement to every aspect of the design and not just to the product itself.

Every single component of your design needs to serve a certain purpose. There needs to be a point to it. If you can’t find one – you might want to consider if the element should be included in the design at all.

Solve Actual Issues

This product design tip comes as the roundup of the above two. Neither the functionality or the utility of your product design would matter unless they solve an actual, real-world issue. You need to aim at solving existing problems. A good product designer will find a need which is well-felt.

It’s a lot more challenging to convince someone that he has an issue he’s not aware of than it is to provide him with a solution to a problem he’s already facing. And while this is mainly a job for marketers, product design companies are oftentimes tasked with conceptual work, where this comes as a top priority.

Maintain Focus

The main goal of your product design is to result in something people will buy. In other words, you’re going to have to accept the fact that there’s going to be competition

It’s particularly rare for a product to make it as a jack of all the trades. Cornering a market niche is effective and if you want to do it, you need to focus on a single, particular consumer need.

As soon as you’ve done it, make sure to offer the best way to satisfy it. Remember what we said about problems and solving them?