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It goes without saying that mobile usage continues to rise. People engage with their smartphones daily and in very important moments. This is something that defines associated industries such as mobile app development and mobile app interface design.

However, the availability of plentiful information, most of which is unverified, makes it challenging to see through myths and misconceptions.

As an experienced UI design agency, we’ve taken the liberty of debunking some of the most popular myths which can ruin your mobile UX.

Myth #1 Designers and Users Think the Same

We’ll go right ahead and debunk this because you know it’s true. The most important, fundamental rule of user-centered design is very simple – you are not your user.

Regardless of whether you run a UI design agency or practice on your own, you’re likely to be familiar with that.

However, a lot of people tend to forget this and they project their own behaviors and reactions onto their users. While it’s tempting to think this way, it’s also just as harmful. Strip out of it, it won’t do you any good.

Myth #2 Mobile Users Are Always On The Go

As a professional mobile UX design company, we can’t tell you how many of our clients assume that a mobile app is only good because their users are on the go.

Naturally, there are times when your mobile users will truly be moving. For instance, when they are taking a ride to work or something of the kind. In reality, however, people tend to use their phones in a whole lot of contexts. In 2012, for example, Google found out that 60 percent of smartphone usage takes place while people are at home.

In other words, you should also consider the fact that mobile users are static and factor this in your design. We’ve devised a piece with some of the hottest trends in UI design for mobile to stick to in 2019 – take a look.

Myth #3 Originality is Always A Must

It’s perhaps the tagline of every other mobile design studio – originality. A lot of product designers tend to believe that if they rethink some of the core mobile UI design conventions, they will get to create something that’s truly memorable for their users.

While there’s nothing wrong with originality, it’s also important to know that for a lot of the problems, solutions are already out there. What is more, people tend to like familiar experiences. Furthermore, the process of breaking mobile design conventions is oftentimes frustrating and ends up creating an unpleasant user experience.

Myth #4 A Good Product Allows Design Compromises

“My product is awesome, it doesn’t need a good presentation.” – These are the words that a designer simply can’t afford to say. However, it happens.

You can’t imagine how many amazing products have fallen into our hands as a modern UI design studio with the words “it’s already great, it doesn’t need that much work to it.”

While an amazing product is definitely amongst the most important things to consider, its wrap is also essential. Presentation sells. Remember this.