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Meeting someone special is usually on the list of goals for just about every person in the world. We all want to love and to be special for someone. However, in our modern world of constant movement and always being in a hurry it gets a bit hard to slow down and spend quality time searching for the right person.

That is when online dating applications become essential for a modern person. There are many users who actually found their happiness with the help of dating apps. It’s been a while since official reports proved that more and more people start dating online. Since that time people become more and more busy with all the activities available and the speed of modern life.

One of the important developments for success here is dating application design. So, if you have some ideas for starting a new matchmaking app from scratch, pay close attention to the information in this tutorial. It’s always great to have a professional designer in the team; however, sometimes you can start designing by yourself. Once you have an initial idea, it might be easy for you to imagine how it should look to be the most successful.

This tutorial offers you tips to help you design your own dating app and make it top-notch. Of course, there are no universal recipes and uniqueness is more of a key to success than similarity to the market leaders. Though some trends can be used to your benefit as they are more like guidelines.

How to design a dating app in a better way

When it comes to asking the question of how to design a dating app, the best answer would be to start from a blank page. However, there are many templates that can be used as a starting point, too. Both options aren’t bad and can bring good results. Whichever you choose, make sure to use the following general rules of the industry which have proven useful. Hopefully you will find them helpful.

1. Think mobile and do mobile

For many companies, applications are not the first priority, websites are. For the dating and matchmaking industry, it is quite the opposite. Most people prefer using dating apps on their mobile devices as it’s fast and convenient. iOS and Android are likely to be your main bases where the apps should look and feel flawless. The desktop version might also be in existence, though it’s much less important.

It means that when you start thinking about dating application design, you should probably start with a mockup for the mobile-first. Think about the way people use their smartphones and use them as a starting point. The main purpose and idea is to meet a person to be with, which means that nothing should distract from that. However, there are ways to attract attention to particular features, such as smart matchmaking algorithms or provide users with flexible options for follow up messages.

2. Make navigation ever more pleasant

In dating apps, there are usually not as many features as in other apps. People download them with very particular purposes, and as a designer, you should build everything around the main goal. The fewer movements your users need to do in order to get what they need, the better. The best option is to develop your app in such a way that only one finger can solve all the tasks. It means that your navigation requires some good thinking.

Looking at all the different dating apps on the current market, you may notice that most of their navigations are aligned to the bottom and are clearly visible when users perform the main operations such as browsing through different profiles.

Graphic icons can also be used for navigation implementation. Make it look good so the user wants to click on the icon, and half the task is done. Just make sure not to overload the page with icons. There should be no more than 3 different options to click on; otherwise, the whole thing might become confusing.

3. Work on your texts from the start

Sometimes designs are created before texts in hope that a good copywriter can come up with something nice. Dating app design concepts often require the opposite approach. Good UI is based on the total convenience of interaction with the app.

This means that design and texts should be well balanced. Nobody wants to read long pages with descriptions. At the same time, users want a clear understanding of what they should do to reach their goals. Try incorporating text into the design in such a way that it will seem like a perfect match. Icons and pictures will help a lot.

For example, many dating applications are very intuitive and only show users pictures of potential candidates without any extra words. At the same time, they all have very obvious ways of showing more information both about the candidate and the app itself.

Another possible option is to give people advice on how to actually choose the best fit. Of course, there are innumerable blogs and articles on this topic, but all of them require users to go somewhere else. If you discover a way to implement this information right into your app without overloading it, it might be something really fresh.

4. Choice of colors is important for the right mood

Dating is something totally emotion-based, which means that appealing to feelings instead of logic might be the right path. And choosing the right color scheme is the first step to making a good first impression on each new potential customer.

What will be the primary goal of your app? If it’s providing somebody with hot and passionate relationships, maybe red color will be the best choice. If you offer some strong match-building algorithms to help people build healthy and efficient relationships, you might want to try a green color as your main one. If you aim at assisting people with merely finding their happiness wherever it might be, consider yellow – the color of happiness and sunshine.

Also, remember that overloading is never a good idea. The latest trend is minimalism; it’s written everywhere and mentioned on just about every resource. It doesn’t mean that everybody should limit their designs to black and white, just make sure you do not go over the board with different messages sent by different colors.

5. Communicate more to facilitate communication

Sometimes it’s hard to take the first step. Surprisingly, the first message can be a problem for many people. Once it’s written and sent, things go better. To help your customers start their own communications, communicate with them first. There are many options for that:

  • Push notifications
  • Personal letters
  • Popups with advice
  • Reminders
  • Hello bars
  • Personal assistant notes

Whatever you choose, make sure you test it before launching. It’s always safer to do it with actual users to find out what is useful and what is annoying. With information all over the place, notifications can be super annoying. At the same time, they can be extremely useful when a user is enjoying the app, but gets distracted and forgets about it. In other words, if you create a good app and remind users you’re there for them, your app might become the next market star.

6. Come up with a logo that will be remembered

Logo design for a dating app is an important piece of work that deserves special attention. People tend to remember icons better than words, so it’s always good to have a small image incorporating all your company ideas. It is as important for dating apps, as for any other businesses.

There are many dating apps that you definitely recognize by their logos. There are also many stories about them. Some people think of Tinder as a place to find love for “one night”. Somebody may have a different experience, though the main thing here is that people recognize logo. Non-recognizable apps might have a way shorter history than their developers would like them to have.

The functionality of the app itself is very important, though visual representation also needs to be considered. A beautiful logo can pave the way to success even if the functionality needs work.

7. Make it a cool game to play

Gamification is known as one of the features of modern dating apps. People stopped taking it seriously; they just browse and swipe. What Tinder started a while ago, seems to be an amazing approach for people who otherwise feel too shy or too intimidated by the process.

Start it as a game, and see where it takes you – that sounds like the main motto of such applications nowadays. However, there are other ways to attract people and make them want to play.

There are many dating app design templates that provide you with some idea of how to turn the whole process into a fun game. For example, involve users in a pattern where they get a reward upon:

  • Logging into the app
  • Creating a profile with three pictures
  • Telling a story about themselves
  • Rating at least five other profiles
  • Sending at least three personal messages

Come up with the system of rewards that will correlate with the design and interest of your target audience. Of course, interests are different for different age groups. There is definitely something to think about while developing new gaming patterns. However, the results might be worth it.