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Your website is one of your business’ greatest assets so there’s no reason for you to put it on the backseat. It does not only attracts customers but also helps in converting leads into paying clients.

Aside from other marketing channels that bring traffic and sales, your web page should also be on your priority list as it represents you on the web. Therefore, make sure you have a working and responsive website no matter how many customers access it.

If you haven’t given so much attention to your website, now is the time to do so. Start by planning a website redesign to optimize your online presence. But if you aren’t sure why you should do a website redesign, here are 7 valid reasons to redesign your existing website.

Obsolete content and design

You’ve started your business website. But ever since you begin doing business online, you never had the chance to update and improve your online process from front-end to backend.
The products, which was sold out a year ago are still there. The old images are still displayed, and the overall appearance is out of fashion. If you are guilty of this, it’s time to opt for website redesign services to help you get started.

There is no SEO optimization

You’ve invested a big portion of your budget on paid marketing. And now, you want to put your muscles on optimizing your website’s SEO to minimize expenses as well as reap guarantee and long-term results out of it.

While it’s possible, it could be daunting for you to successfully implement your SEO strategies without checking your website’s current architecture. Take a look at the backend control, URL structure, and product information. Do they meet the SEO requirements? If not then you have to make a decision. If you’re keen on doing SEO then start by doing a website redesign strategy for search engine’s sake.

Low returns and high bounce rate

The traffic is low and the bounce rate is high. And, the conversion rate is almost close to zero. You have spent thousands of top-dollar on marketing but at the moment they land on your website, immediately they jump out. If this is the case, redesigning a website is the next thing you should do. Check your stats now. You can tell instantly which area of your website needs improvement.