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The technological advancements driven by increasing consumer expectations, allow us to give life to many different interfaces. Today, designers are really able to use their imagination and create almost anything.

We see the result in all types of web pages. From a simple layout with information placed on a single screen to intriguing, overwhelming storytelling with exciting interactions. There are plenty of choices, as well as tools to use to turn an idea into a beautiful reality.

Keep in mind that there’s a thin line between “cool” and “too much”. You can rely on advanced libraries to enrich your design with illustrations and attention-grabbing interactions, without going overboard. That way you can easily have a sensational result.

In the fast-paced world, we live in, we’ve had enough of movement. Sometimes what we’re missing is just a human touch. With all the trends and new stuff constantly going around, as human beings, we feel the need to go back to basics from time to time. 

A proof that it’s true for web design as well as the more old-school illustrations we tend to see across many sites. Art is always trendy. That’s exactly what makes us always turn back to the good old illustration design services. They always tend to stand out from the crowd because of their warmth.

As a Dribbble trending team, we’d like to give you a few fascinating examples of illustration styles in website design:

Sketchy Drawings

A unique choice of web design that is not so commonly seen is pencil illustrations. It’s a nice and simple, yet beautiful way you can share your brand’s message through your website illustrations.

Drawings are an unconventional choice of web design. However, there’s no doubt they are still unique and memorable. The sketchy drawings can be used to bring sophistication and elegance to your website for a boutique feeling in general. Most commonly, it’s seen in black and white color scheme or earthy colors.

Bright Colors

Bright colors are a back and forth trend in web and mobile design. This year they’ve made a massive comeback with neons in particular. Bright colors are among the main demands when it comes to illustration styles. That’s probably true due to their attention-grabbing character.

That’s exactly what makes bright colors perfect for illustrations for mobile-app onboarding and welcoming screens. They provide easy brand recognition and are very memorable. The neons convey a feeling of futuristic design, so if you’re looking for anything like that, bright color illustrations are your perfect choice.

Flat Style

Flat style is probably the most popular illustration style on the Internet currently. It’s a great way to beat the user’s short attention span. Flat style is an extremely simple one, which makes it great for clean web design.

It shares the brand message effortlessly and conveys simplicity. Actually many of the pages you see online have chosen this style, including Facebook’s infamous blue theme. Flat style is easy to remember and with the right illustrations, it can make your website very recognizable.

3D Illustrations

Being just the opposite of the previous one, 3D illustrations were left behind for some time. Designers seemed to have forgotten about the advantages of this technique. However, now the 3D trend is finally back.

A nice proof is that recently we’ve started seeing more and more 3D web design. This time it looks like 3D illustrations are here to stay. Combined with low-poly designs they’ve made a powerful comeback.

Watercolor Illustrations

Watercolor is definitely the most artistic style of all. It’s a complex style, which requires creativity, imagination, and skills. However, choosing it is completely worth it, as it can make any website look like an art piece.

When it comes to watercolor illustrations, the only limit is imagination. There are lots of different watercolor styles to choose from. No matter if it’s black and white or bright-colored, it would definitely look impressive and original.

Outline Illustrations

This illustration trend pretty much looks like a child’s drawing. And that’s exactly what makes it so popular. These are often bright-colored, minimalistic illustrations that just can’t be ignored by most visitors.

Despite being simple, this illustration style in web design is unique enough to be remembered. Digital illustration designers might use this approach to make your website fresh-looking and easily recognizable.


Collages originally include different forms and materials, that are assembled to form a new whole. This has been a popular type of illustration in recent years, due to its depth and detail. Moreover, it’s considered as inspiration for material design.

Collage illustrations use layers to achieve a 3D effect to achieve this depth. This artwork could bring life to your website and make viewers take a deeper look at its layout.

Vector Graphics

The main advantage of vector illustrations is that the way they are produced allows scaling them up and down to any size, without losing their quality. However, it’s not that easy to achieve this smooth transition, but it definitely has its advantages in the production of a certain style of imagery.

That’s exactly why vector graphics are so popular in web design. They can be easily recognized by their clear shapes, outlines, and definition.


If you like the flat style, but you find it just a little too simple, web designers have the right solution. They can easily spice it up with some textures and gradients. This approach combines flat style elements with realism.

However, this illustration-based web design is still characterized by simplicity. Nevertheless, they manage to grab viewers attention quite well, no matter their color scheme.


Mascot illustrations make websites way more personal, by giving character to products and services. They are most responsible for brand awareness and personalities. Mascots were previously used for advertising purposes. Many brands still have cartoon characters that make them widely recognizable.

On the web, design mascots are even more important. They easily impress visitors and make them remember the brand they represent.

Final Thoughts

Illustrations have been a part of web design for a long time now and they’re still not going anywhere. The different types have a clear purpose and use. It’s crucial for web design services to understand how they work. Furthermore, designers should know how to leverage them for inspiring intended purposes and ideas.