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A creative approach is vital for any marketing plan. You need something that distinguishes you from your competitors. For example, to create a responsive logo that will resonate in the market niche. That is why it is crucial to find the right graphic design agency with branding services that will help you create your brand’s individuality and engage it with an intended audience.

There are many talented graphic designers on the market. Yet, their design skill is not the only aspect that you should take into consideration. Sometimes it is their ability to apply this talent strategically. Here are 5 things that you should know to hire a graphic design team.

Know Their Experience

Always look for graphic designers with diverse work experience. Those who worked with add agencies or design studios are efficient with their time management since they served many clients. The designers who worked with in-house corporate communications teams often possess multi-disciplinary skills and are more sensitive to budget limitations. The combination of both is something that you should probably look for.

Carefully Examine Their Portfolio

Take a closer look at their online portfolio. Inexperienced designers tend to display only a small portion of their samples. They just don’t have more, or other works are of low-quality. That is why you should better look for those designers that show a broad spectrum of their samples for multiple industries. 

Find out whether they worked with relevant businesses and whether they will be able to contribute to your business goals. For example, if the focus of a graphic designer’s works is retailing, then they are probably not a great fit for your business direction in the high-tech industry. Similarly, if you are looking for advertising assistance, but the designer’s portfolio mostly consists of logos, they would likely not be able to match your expectations.

Take a Closer Look at Client Testimonials

Nothing tells better about graphic designers than the words of their past clients. If their website has testimonials sections, then it is likely that their customers are satisfied with the provided service and can approve that. Yet, you should take a closer look at those comments. If they offer insights into the relationships between this client and designers, rather than just being a “thank you” thing, then the chances are high that those are the right designers. You may also consider contacting some of their past clients and asking them to share their experience working with these designers.

Examine the Market for Billing Rates

If you want to find the right designer, you should determine your budget and do some research on graphic design services billing rates. Try to maintain the right perspective when you evaluate the value of a designer’s work. I mean, think about this. People often don’t even hesitate when they pay $80.00/hour to an auto mechanic. The public face of your business, in turn, is a far more important thing to care about. So, always be respectful to the work of other people, even if sometimes it may cost you a fortune. 

Of course, you can always find graphic designers who charge lower rates. Yet, it often means that they are less experienced, work slower, or require constant supervision and direction. Though you spend less money, you should invest more time. So, there is always a reason why one would undervalue their own service. 

Top graphic design companies charge higher rates, but their designers have finely-honed skills that allow them to work efficiently under minimum supervision. What is more, they often have contact with industry experts, vendors, and other resources that will help to complete the task. 

Hence, to hire the right graphic designer, you should first know the billing rates of the market. Then, find a graphic design company whose designers are experienced enough to ask for decent pay.

See Whether They Engage with Your Business

When you interview your candidates, try to notice how these designers view your needs. Do they want to understand the bigger picture and engage with your business, market, and audience prior to discussing the project? Or maybe they are only thinking along a project-by-project path? 

Keep in mind that those designers who think beyond individual projects are likely better candidates. They can understand your challenges and provide you with sound recommendations that fit your bigger picture. A professional designer is a person who is passionate about the job and always willing to help and make things run better.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right graphic designer is a challenging task. Yet, those pieces of advice ought to help you along this long, wearisome journey. Fireart Studio is a top graphic design company that works for a diverse scope of industries. Our designers and true professionals that are passionate about their job. They will try to engage with your business and goals and provide you with assistance along the way. 

Check out our branding and identity design services and allow us to make your business stand out!