How Does Machine Learning Improve Mobile App Development How Does Machine Learning Improve Mobile App Development
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How Does Machine Learning Improve Mobile App Development

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19 Jun 2019
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These days, customers want to get experience related to their needs only. The easiest way we can use would be ads. More people are willing to share their data with companies that send them personalized offers. If it doesn’t meet their needs, most likely they switch brands.

Constant technological progress has been giving vendors new chances to attract customers. Obviously, you can’t impress your audience with an app that doesn’t have any prominent features or contains annoying pop-up ads.

Machine learning is going to build the bridge between mass personalization and true individualization. That is an application of Artificial Intelligence which gives the ability of software to learn without the interference of people. It allows companies to create machines that understand and assist or even entertain humans.

Mobile app developers adopt new technologies and make them understandable. What machine learning does is making mobile platforms more user-friendly. The personalization that it provides can dramatically improve their user experience and maintain their loyalty.  In this article we’re going to list some of the ways how machine learning improves mobile apps:

Predicted user behavior

One of the main advantages of machine learning applications is that it can help marketers understand users’ behavior by studying their data like gender, age, search requests and so on. This information can be useful for keeping the right group of customers interested in your app. Besides, engaging the attention of customers improves the app’s effectiveness and marketing.

How Does Machine Learning Improve Mobile App Development 2

Machine learning can also help in creating personalized recommendations which makes your customer engaged longer. Meanwhile, the machine learning algorithm automatically learns information about the interests and preferences of users. For example, about 80% of the shows on Netflix suggested recommendations of an automated system that selected and analyzed previous preferred choices. Another app that uses machine learning is JJ Food Service. It builds a customer preference profile that anticipates orders.

There are lots of apps that have adopted ML to provide a personalized user experience. This has helped them to win attention, to increase the revenue and move UX to a better level

Personalized experience

As we mentioned in the prediction of behavior, the personalized user experience is something we can’t miss. One of the biggest benefits of machine learning is the non-stop learning process. The algorithms can examine the information from multiple sources such as social media activity or credit ratings.

Machine learning truly analyzes information about a user. It learns who he or she is, what does he or she want and what might a yearly income be. As soon as the process of collection information completed, machine learning uses algorithms to personalize data on an application. This way, it’s possible for providing an individual approach and adapt content according to their preferences.

Leading apps like Uber or Taxify, for example, use machine learning to provide the estimated time of arrival as well as the cost to riders. Among benefits for the drivers, an app shares real-time information in maps and much more. Machine learning personalizes the work of app to a point that a customer gets the impression of conversation with a machine.

Advanced Search

The machine learning algorithm optimizes search in your app. It makes it way more efficient and intuitive for customers. It chooses the exact results that would matter most to a specific person. This makes the experience easier and faster.

Machine learning uses the collected data fro search histories to rank the products and show the best matching results. What also very useful for your app is voice search. As an example, Reddit uses machine learning to improve its search performance.

Relevant Ads

If you want your advertising to be efficient, you need to show the right ads to the right people. For instance, if the user is a woman, that demonstrates her affection to shoes and clothing, she will probably not be interested in tires, so that fact would make your ad useless.

Machine learning helps to personalize advertising and messaging in order to make it more accurate. It helps to optimize an ad and prevent a user from recently seen,  unnecessary and probably annoying pop-ups on the screen.

How Does Machine Learning Improve Mobile App Development 3

Better Security

Machine learning is not only an effective marketing tool. It’s a valuable and additional option is authentication which can improve the level of security. It’s a smart choice for any mobile app as it allows the consumer to authenticate using their biometric data. Basically, machine learning provides easy access to apps in a highly secure way. Quick and simple log in is not the only security benefit though. As it turns out, machine learning can protect users from unidentified malware attacks in real-time.

Account takeovers during last year have risen by 45 percent. This makes big companies use machine learning to deal with the problem. Some of them apply face recognition technology to identify customers who use stolen credit cards. Machine learning has features that allow companies to foresee future trends and financial collapses.

Wrapping it up

Machine learning technology is a ray of hope in the tech world. It changes and simplifies our lives through mobile apps providing better, personalized user experience. For sure, this new technology has been improving our mobile experience and making it more secure.

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