How to Use Illustrations & Spice Up Your Web Design 3 How to Use Illustrations & Spice Up Your Web Design
Review: 5- How to Use Illustrations & Spice Up Your Web Design

How to Use Illustrations & Spice Up Your Web Design

3 October
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How to Use Illustrations & Spice Up Your Web Design 4

There’s a misconception that an illustration is supposed to be purely artistic and has nothing to do with business, so it cannot be well integrated into your business website design. It’s high time to discover more on how to use illustration to spice up your web design and boost your business success with us.

How to Use Illustrations & Spice Up Your Web Design 5
Literally spicing up your website design with Fireart

Why illustrations in web design are a good choice

Illustration nowadays is a powerful marketing tool in many terms, no matter how beautiful it may look. It’s multipurpose: it may attract attention, promote business, provide information and improve UX, etc.

They are the same as other web design components; thus, it is possible to express individuality through branded illustrations in a proper digital environment. In a world where everyone is focused on common or trendy designs, illustrated elements may draw attention to the importance of user-centered solutions in your business environment.

Visual components often influence people more than textual content. Illustrations may be beautiful functional elements that capture the audience’s attention and convey relevant information.

So, incorporating illustrations into your web design is almost easy if they are well-thought user interface elements. And they don’t necessarily have to be hand-drawn or just specific buttons/arrows. They can be high-quality vector graphics implemented in a variety of your website areas on point so that to be both beautiful and highly functional.

How to Use Illustrations & Spice Up Your Web Design 6
Tea plantation

Top illustration in web design to definitely use for business

So, since illustrations are becoming increasingly popular in website and app design, they are used more and more often in various industries. But this should not be just a tribute to fashion or blind trend following. Advanced designers think about the power and potential of illustrations. And they are keen on using this power and producing incredible designs for your website, video, or mobile app. Take a closer look at these:

How to Use Illustrations & Spice Up Your Web Design 7
Animated incriptions

Typography illustration

Typography illustrators arrange the type on a page based on the style and appearance of letters, numbers, or symbols to create an appealing graphic design. Imagine hand-drawn typography and even animated typography! Central to the work of every graphic designer, typography is much more than content or making words legible. Such an ornament can be applied to an existing video or image adding more meanings.

Logo image illustration

If you love illustration, plan to focus on it in your web design project, and then use an illustrated logo image as a good option. First, the illustration may represent this perfectly. Second, drawings used as separate design elements in a variety of forms will spice up your UI and help to stand out from the competition.

How to Use Illustrations & Spice Up Your Web Design 8
A logo design sample

Navigation illustration

Illustrations, especially graphics, are very important for navigation. They help to easily pave the way for the user and show directions where they may go and where things they need are located. Images like arrows, pointers, pointing hands, or other icons are scaling elements to create a visual path – all this adds to a better user orientation on the website and spices up UX.

Also, here are some icons created by Fireart:

4 Principles for Using Illustrations in Web Design

The use of illustrations in the project triggers imagination in the users, adds intrigue to the project, and gives the design a little sophistication. But at the same time, some rules must be observed not to overdo and distort the user perception. Yes, even for a combination of pictures, they also exist.

1)    Stick to the Style

The style of the illustrations should match the overall design style. This means that icons, graphics, as well as text should also be in a common style. It is great to use illustrations for icons and buttons, and additional small pictures, but for visual emphasis and interaction with users – videos or photos are still the best.

2)    Let it be flat

Some designers use all the rules of flat design while working with illustrations. Besides, they very skilfully and professionally place the illustrations in their works, which significantly enliven and complement the web design work.

How to Use Illustrations & Spice Up Your Web Design 9
A flat design of a flat board. Enjoy the summer vibes illustration!

3)    Keep it functional

Great designers always remember that web design should be highly functional. In the form of any illustrations added, it is appropriate to create a label or company logo which makes sense and skilfully integrates them into the web design. Graphics should always help the visitor navigate the website, tell them a story, and guide the users through the pages of the project.

4)    Apply templates

Create templates with illustrations to get started faster and then accentuate them by adding more elements like photos and videos, or updating the existing illustrations.  Not just pictures, but animated elements look great in website design.

How to Use Illustrations & Spice Up Your Web Design 10
Another incredible illustration by Fireart Studio

Also, feel free to check out one of our latest illustration collections for your website design inspiration.

To Wrap it Up

Using illustrations in web design is quite possible in combination with other elements. It looks impressive, but it is challenging to create if the required drawings are not available and you have to make them yourself in graphic editors. This is more difficult to do if you are not very good at designing. However, it is possible to create an illustration. You just need to understand what style you require and drop us a line. The team of professional illustrators will help you with any website design complexity project.


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