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  • 22 January
  • 5 min read
Animation was once thought of as just decoration. But as technology advances and internet connections accelerate, designers are embracing the practical benefits...
  • 11 January
  • 7 min read
When we visit most websites, we often have a goal in mind. To get to that goal, there’s usually a series of steps we need to take and the first step starts with...
  • 15 December
  • 7 min read
For many of us, sound is an essential part of everyday living. Our day starts with a sound of alarm clock and ends with the subtle click of light switcher; soun...
  • 11 December
  • 11 min read
Just a decade ago, user interfaces that used animations were avoided, being most often associated with websites with popups and flashing ads, but this has chang...
  • 27 November
  • 5 min read
Search is like a conversation between the user and system: the user expresses their information need as a query, and the system expresses its response as a set ...
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