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After building a mobile app for your business, you will definitely need a viable mobile app marketing strategy that will help you introduce it to a target audience creatively and effectively. In this article, Fireart team shares the top ten practices that can boost mobile apps of different types and industries. Get ready for time-proof and experience-backed insights about mobile app marketing.

Research Your Target Audience

Target audience research is key for every digital marketing strategy. Investigate people whom you have developed your mobile application for. It’s advisable to create a target user persona. It’s an image of an ideal user that includes all essential information about people that are most likely to use your app. If your app targets several groups of people, it’s better to create a few user personas accordingly. Usually, a user persona includes information about geographical location, age, gender, interests, preferences, job positions, family status, online behavior, etc. 

Know Your Competitors

Spying on competitors can help you determine what practices work best for your target market as they have already tried them and you can estimate outcomes. Before making your own mistakes, try to learn from your competitors’ mistakes first. It will help you save time and money spent on user testing, improvements, etc. 

One of the most important business rules is to feel respect for your competitors. Don’t underestimate them. They may appear to be much smarter than you might expect it and overcome you without delay. So, be cautious, attentive, learn from your competitors, and get inspired by their successful ideas.

Prepare a Mobile App Press Kit

Don’t forget to prepare a press kit for your mobile app. There are three essential components: visuals, a press release, and contact information. Be sure your visuals look great and professional. They may include app screenshots, app demonstration videos, an app icon, etc. 

A press release is the text introduction of your digital product featuring the most attractive and sales points, competitive advantages, the user problem the app solves, and more. A press release usually embraces around 400 words. It’s also crucial to add contact information (contact name, email, phone number, social networks) as well as provide an URL to a landing page if applicable. 

Run The App Store Optimization

App store optimization is crucial for mobile application success. Like a website makes the first impression from a brand and builds the initial image, an app store page does it too. It should appeal and invite the user to check your newly launched application. You should care about creating a compelling headline and subtitle, writing an engaging app description that reveals all its benefits and competitive advantages, choosing a memorable icon, and adding attractive screenshots that demonstrate all the strongest sales points. All of these factors influence the overall brand image. 

Encourage Users Leave Reviews

Word of mouth still is a powerful tool for brand promotion today. People tend to trust what other users say about a product rather than a company tells it about itself. That’s why user reviews are so critical. They work as a kind of social proof of a mobile app for users who see your app store page. To fuel this promotion engine, you can encourage your users to leave reviews about your mobile application. You may wonder what the most effective way to do it is? You can post a message about it right on your app landing page, social media, or even in the app store’s app description.

Research The Audience’s Response

Once your app is launched, it doesn’t mean that marketing efforts are over. It’s high time to deploy your app marketing in full. Now, you should keep a close eye on your KPI or key performance indicators and thoroughly track your app performance. It’s also advisable to monitor what people say about your app on the web. Social media listening tools may help you automate this process, receive timely updates about user feedback and reviews, and monitor brand mentions around the web. It allows you to stay informed about negative comments and run more effective reputation management.

Promote Your App on Social Media

The benefits of social media marketing for mobile app success countless. It’s the number one communication and information distribution channel. Consequently, you should pay particular attention to managing your mobile app image on social networks. You can do it by posting helpful, inspirational, and relevant content on your business page. Moreover, you can significantly benefit from social media advertising. If set correctly and targeted at the right people, social media advertising can spread the information about your app launch and multiply downloads.

Apply Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great practice to start interacting with your target audience. Influencers already have the hear of your potential users. They can distribute information about your mobile application to their circles of influence on social media, aka their followers. You might think that influencer marketing might be an expensive app marketing practices as the collaboration with the top influencers may cost a lot. 

However, you shouldn’t necessarily target the biggest influencers but start with collaborating with medium-sized or even micro-influencers. Just keep in mind the smaller the audience, the larger the impact the influencer has on it because. Micro-influencers build very close relationships with their followers and actively communicate with them in comments and answer their direct messages. So, people trust them more.

Track Mobile App Marketing Performance

Above, we have already mentioned that monitoring and responding to user comments in important. However, let’s consider it now from a different perspective. User reviews and comments are not only ways to communicate with your target audience but also find out more about bugs, errors, and other challenges they have faced when using your mobile app. It helps to investigate your product better and improve it according to the feedback from real users. This practice effectively contributes to the overall UX and success of your digital product.

Keep in Mind SEO

Last but not least. Don’t forget about the power of good search engine optimization. Users will surely use hashtags and keywords to find your mobile app in the app store or search engine. So, be sure your app description contains appropriate keywords and keyphrases to be easily searchable in the online world. You can also post articles, videos, and other types of content featuring your mobile app using the same keywords. Don’t forget to mention them in meta-descriptions to be more visible and easily found.


A strong mobile app marketing strategy is a necessary step to your app success in the modern digital world. It helps to spread information about your digital product across the world wide web and attract even more new users. Here we have outlined the ten cornerstones of a successful mobile app marketing campaign and hope to help you promote your product even more effectively. 

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