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Here’s the truth: According to Statista, the number of digital buyers worldwide will increase by up to 2.14 billion in 2021. Imagine all of the possibilities with that huge following! Just even half of that number is more than enough to make your online shop successful. While it does sound tremendously exciting, there still are factors that you seriously need to consider.

Take a look at the following questions below:

  1. “How can I make sure that my website stands out from the competitors?”
  2. “What can I do to make sure a customer will purchase my product?”
  3. “Is my website design guaranteed to impress visitors into becoming my loyal buyers?”

Let us discuss the questions. Do you want to know how many possible competitors you currently have? As of the moment, there are 1,321,119,000 live websites and counting, says Internet Live Stats. With its daily growing number, it is inevitable to feel intimidated and worried about the competition. The good news is that there is a fool-proof way to succeed and that is to create a winning website.

The websites with the best designs have a higher chance of creating digital business success. It helps your brand build a positive image, deliver a clear message, and make lasting impressions. If a potential client sees that your page is professional and inviting, there’s a huge chance that they’ll become regular customers.
If you haven’t been paying attention to your website design, consider this as a wake-up call. You don’t have to worry if you are not adept in the designing process. We are here to help you by providing the best eCommerce design tips. Ready your pen and paper as we explore how exciting designing an eCommerce website can get.

Incorporate your products into the web design

When it comes to e-commerce website design, you have to make sure everything works together. This includes how your products will look like in the overall feel of your website.

Let’s say for example that your business is involved in selling fashionable clothes. The best way to go will be to utilize a theme that corresponds to the products’ value and purpose. Pay attention to color schemes, fonts, layout, graphics, and animations.

For a fashionable clothing online store, they usually use light or nude colors. This is usually accompanied by sans-serif typography. Subtle animations are also included as transitions between pages. With all of this combined, they are successful in giving a simple, classy, and elegant overall feel on the website.

The bottom line is to make sure your products, content, and website design will create a harmonious output. All of their elements should be matching or working together. Not only will this build a well-designed store, but also well-advertised products.

Keep Your Website Design Simple

This saying usually applies to write, but it can still be applied in designing an eCommerce site. One of the most common eCommerce website designing mistakes is thinking information overload is acceptable. In reality, this will only result in overwhelming design elements, which will lead to overwhelmed visitors.

A simpler user interface is effective in creating a professional and positive vibe. Also, it is a great choice for those who wish to give the spotlight to their products. Without the distracting visuals and graphics, the selling process will be easier and smoother.

The proper use of whitespace will be your ultimate ally in this direction. It will help you get rid of unnecessary and overwhelming design elements. Also, it helps in creating a visual hierarchy in your pages. This means that you can somehow control where your visitors’ eyes should be when they visit your website. Use this chance to highlight what you would want your visitors to do or see.

For example, you have a brand new item available for sale. Of course, you’d want your visitors to come and check it out or maybe even buy them. Here’s how visual hierarchy can help: the eyes will automatically go for the largest thing in sight. With this in mind, you’d want to make your new product’s image bigger than the rest of the elements. You can strategically place a “BUY NOW” button right beside the picture, in order for them to see it next.

This is simple yet effective in telling your customers what they should do.

Use Quality Pictures

One of the most common eCommerce homepage design tips is to make use of high-quality photographs. Doing so can already win the hearts of your potential regular customers. Imagine entering a website that will welcome you with aesthetically pleasing photographs. Convincing, isn’t it?

Some even use videos and GIFs to add life to their website. This can be effective in helping customers in envisioning themselves while using your product. Also, it will add to a pleasurable shopping experience.

You should also keep in mind that your products’ images must possess excellent quality. This can be done by either having a professional photographer work on it or utilizing a photo manipulation software. If you’re worried about how much these services might cost, just imagine the loss a low-quality website can bring.

Make Your Contact Information Visible

Communication is the key to a successful social connection and business transaction.

A properly designed website is already enough to communicate with your visitors. These subtle messages might include convincing them to invest in your products and coming back for more. The question is, how to design an eCommerce website that is guaranteed to deliver these messages?

A good start will be strategizing where you can place the contact information on a page. This information includes your business details, such as your phone number and email address. This way, they can be certain that your business is active, transparent, and open to feedback. That is one good way to gain visitors’ trust.

A company’s business information usually has a page of its own, but it will also be ideal to make it visible on every page. You can do so by placing it in every footer of the website. Make sure that the selected font size, text, and color is readable and easy on the eyes. You can also place it in the header if you think that would be best.

Placing your contact information on every page will make it easier for customers to reach out. Since it will be visible on the page, they won’t have to exert any effort to search for the details. Sounds user-friendly, doesn’t it?