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We don’t have to outline surveys to prove to you how much e-commerce and online shopping have advanced. Everyone shops online. Period. We’re not saying that all the shopping is done through your smartphone, but a lot of it is.

Why? Well, for once, it’s oftentimes cheaper. A lot of the stores offer convenient promotions and discounts to their mobile users. You also don’t have to wait in lines, go to the mall, deal with traffic, and whatnot.

Sure, it takes time for your order to be delivered, but it’s not time that you waste – you can do whatever you want to while waiting for the delivery.

Hence, if you’re a startup and you’re selling something online, e-commerce will be a very big part of your business. You can take our word for it.

With this said, we’ve decided it’s high time to take a look at a few tips that you might want to consider if you’re contemplating the development of your e-commerce mobile app.

Tip #1 Intuitive Design

We know that is doesn’t really fall within the mobile app development space but it’s important nonetheless and we can’t just skip it.

The design of your e-commerce mobile app needs to be particularly sleek and intuitive. The attention span of your users is very short, and hence, your interface shouldn’t make them think about it.

Avoid creating complicated designs with a lot of text and animation. Get straight to the point. The fewer clicks, the better.

Tip #2 Flawless Imagery

Yeah, yeah, nothing to do with development, we know. But think about how many times you’ve cruised out of an e-commerce shop because the pictures were terrible.

We can’t just ignore this. Imagery plays an incremental role in your design and in the decision-making process of your customer. Hence, you can’t afford to compromise.

Make sure that you get a professional to do the imagery and editing. This will surely pay off in the long term.