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About Fitdash
The mission is to create a fitness app that gives users a complete picture of their progress, heart rate, level and type of activity, workout results. Fitdash should become a mobile, adaptable personal trainer and health-tracker that allows users to reach their fitness goals. It is created to be easy and entertaining.
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Project designer - Oleksandr Martynchuk
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User-friendly navigation and simple feature discovery will help you to keep the focus on the workout. The app is easy to access when you're running, cycling, walking, or working out.

Personal program

Set your goals, log your stats, and view the progress. Keep motivated to exercise by going on a long distance exercise missions.

Tracking different types of activity

You’re presented with a ‘Start’ button when you launch the app and you can stipulate whether you’re going to run, cycle, walk or do any other kind of activity, so that for all purposes you can use the same app.

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