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Did you ever stop and think about why videogames are a special phenomenon in this world? Games were originally designed for the joy and nothing else, yet they’ve become a massive industry. Such traits impose some key features on the development process. Imagine this, you want to make the most popular game and sell it. So what do you need to do? The first step is to inflame the irresistible desire to buy your product.

Nowadays a significant part of a game promotion happens through websites. Unfortunately, it’s a hard task to create an awesome game website design for the landing page or a gaming portal that stands out. Your website needs to look good, but more importantly, it needs to be useful to potential players in a relevant way, otherwise, such an approach will be useless and won’t bring any extra popularity or profit to developers.

Making a gaming website requires some specific actions to make it useful. Let’s take a look at 5 great ideas that would help to achieve this goal.