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We know the importance of every single feature in website design. We know that it should load fast, read well and look awesome in order to uphold your brand image and performance. The site should be built and designed in a way that is feature-rich at affordable prices and, of course, by using a great color scheme.

To be fair, it usually takes a while to find a suitable web design color scheme. A lot of things have to be taken into consideration and a lot of questions are usually asked. This further begs the question, design palettes really important, and what is its significance?

The importance of the right color schemes for a website

Let’s look at a few points that explain why choosing the right palette are so crucial for your website:

  • First, in business, choosing the right scheme can give you an advantage over your competitors. A very good example is the red Coca-Cola logo. Red is a bright primary choice that definitely stands out when placed alongside other logos. This means it will attract more potential customers to look at the product, which leads to more sales.
  • Another quality that cannot be overlooked is the ability for colors to initiate an emotional response from individuals. Interesting research has shown that there is a connection between individuals’ moods or emotions and how they perceive colorful palettes. Many companies have used this to promote sales by creating various schemes and fabricating an emotion which will best be associated with them. In this way, companies are able to grab even more attention.

The human mind always creates a link with colorful objects. This is because it has the ability to hold a hidden message that can be further explored. Color can develop a sparking interest in the human mind, which eventually leads to association with a particular action. In addition, there are certain colors that already have universal significance. For example, all countries recognize red as the sign for stop and green for go. Christmas has become associated with the red and green palette scheme, and bright visual perception is associated with happiness while black tone colors relate to darkness.

Additionally, by knowing the importance of design palettes and following the above techniques, you may not only create a good looking pattern, but also a memorable one. It is wise to remember that your personal preference is not important when you’re choosing a palette for your site design. The scheme is supposed to be a part of the design tools to get more attention for your product or service.

3 tips to help you choose the best color palette for websites

In order to get over the various hardships that come with picking a palette for a website, you first have to fully understand the main role of your website. With this information, any decision that has to be made down the line can be easily done.

So, how do you pick a palette for your website confidently without an ounce of doubt in your mind? These are the questions that designers should ask themselves:

  • What palette should I use for my header or logo?
  • What color combinations will work well for my website?
  • Which parts of my website have to have color?

Of course, the margin of error is pretty big here. Luckily, you will be able to create a full picture as we look at the tips on how to get the best color schemes for websites.