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Are you still looking for ways on how to build a mobile app UX design strategy that will work?

Learning about mobile UX is now made easier thanks to a lot of references found online. Just one click and you can already gain an access to thousands of ideas you can utilize for your next project. However, it will be all for nothing if you do not know how everything should play out for you. You can create all of the trendiest graphics, add the most fun animations, or the funkiest of colors, but if they are not used properly it can fail terribly. This just shows that knowledge alone is not enough to guarantee a successful app. What you truly need is to know how to apply all of that information where it belong.

Here are some of the best mobile UX strategies that can help you improve your plans.


Keeping Color Psychology in Mind

Colors play a significant role when it comes to building and establishing your online presence. It has a certain appeal to a user’s emotions and memories, which gives you a chance to remain memorable for them. In most cases, it can even give a certain feeling of a call to action. For example, Avast Mobile Security interface has a big, orange button in the middle that just instantly catches attention. The bright orange button just gives you that urge to press it, doesn’t it? That just means that their design is effective in making their users do what the app wants them to do.

Another thing you should take note of is how colors can affect the mood of your visitors. Just take a look at Quora’s choice of color for their app. Red often gives off the vibe of excitement and hunger. Since Quora is focused on knowledge-sharing, the mood the color set for excitement and hunger for knowledge is perfect for encouraging subscribers to be active.

What you need to do is to make sure that the color of your choice will optimize the reputation of your brand. If your startup business offers money-related matters, it is probably best to use the color blue. This is to give your customers the feeling of security, calmness, and serenity that this color can bring. Now you know why most banks and online payment systems use this color often.


Simplicity is Beauty

The minimalistic approach has become an integral part of mobile user experience design strategy. In fact, most mobile apps have already adopted this design for their interface. This is because it makes your app appear more sleek, professional, and clean. Also, it makes navigation easier to understand for everyone.

Going minimalistic is kind of considered to be a foolproof way to create a UX strategy for mobile application. However, simply following the crowd can make you lose your own charm. You will be one of the thousands of websites that remain unnoticed because their interface has already been overused. But don’t let this discourage you from setting up your own simplistic design. Let it be a challenge for you to come up with something that will stand out from the rest.
Just take a look at Marline’s mobile app UX strategy. They made use of a minimalistic design, but they still managed to shine compared to other applications. What they did to ensure their uniqueness is to use graphic icons and fitting animations.