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Today, having your own website or web application is not a whim of business owners but an indispensable necessity. Every year, people increasingly use the internet, and this means that those who want to make themselves known to the public have to be, in one way or another, present online. In order for your web resource to have the desired effect on visitors, it should have an attractive design and simple intuitive navigation.

Often, good design is mistakenly assumed to be achieved with a beautiful background and the right color scheme; however, you need talented web designers to take into account all the subtle factors. More than anything, this concerns the website menu design. As they say, “the devil is in the small things.” The tiniest trifle can become an annoying factor that will turn visitors away.

In this article, we will provide tips for the creation of the best website menu design with a minimum amount of effort, and also get acquainted with the top seven websites with the most successful navigation examples (in our opinion).