Using a Video Background on Your Website: 11 Examples

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  • 25 February
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To run a business successfully, you need to have people know about it. Of course, there are many professional marketing specialists and promoters who can deliver information about your company to your potential clients’ doorsteps. In order to do this successfully, they should have reliable materials that attract attention and don’t allow people to simply close the window on you and your offer.

There are millions of ways to attract attention, but how many of them can you use to draw customers to your business? One of the good ways (and appropriate, too) is to create a website with video background. It almost never fails when it comes to drawing somebody’s attention because human nature subconsciously makes us look at moving objects – and not just look, but pay attention to, as well. Grabbing that attention can be enough to deliver the message about your products or services.

Here, we will show you 11 examples of adding a video background to a website to make it more engaging. What you need, to start,  is a looping video that is connected to your eCommerce project and can help you sell what you are trying to sell. Below you will see examples of videos that look good and help people get the message of the website in a beautiful package.



After a couple of seconds on the homepage of this website, you can understand what it is about. Cute children in the background video perform some adult tasks while a timer keeps track in the foreground. In this theme, the video performs a storytelling function, which means that you realize what the service is and how it can be used right away without actually reading the description. Not only is it informative, but also engaging. No doubt that most web surfers chose to scroll down and read some more about this productivity tool (we sure did!). Also, this is a reminder that professional services can still be funny and engaging without losing sharpness.


2. Films by Brett Johnson

The background video of this website is performing a different function, compared to the previous one. It doesn’t tell a story, nor does it explain anything; however, looking at it and seeing the word ‘creative’ in the same screen makes perfect sense. It does look creative and suits the situation. Some creative agencies should definitely pay attention to this idea. It is very likely that potential customers looking for creative services will stop to learn more after they see such an introduction.


3. Creative Quarter

This website makes you want to watch its background video several times before you realize that it’s looped. Not only is it good-looking, but it also makes sense from a practical point of view. The product here is sort of a co-working space with accompanying services, so it is quite a smart approach to show the benefits of the space right on the first screen. The video tells us that:

  • The location has great interior design
  • Big windows have a view (most people don’t make them big unless there is something to show)
  • There is enough room for many people
  • Both private and public spaces are available

Did you look at this homepage and think that it looks like a place you’d like to visit or work from? That means that this approach to design is likely to bring success to the company. Well done!



The design of this website is extremely compelling, and makes you want to learn more about the services provided by the company; however, note that the necessity of digging deeper to understand what it is all about can also be seen as a disadvantage. Not everyone has enough time and motivation to spend extra minutes just to get the general idea. By the way, making a website responsive is also a great idea.


5. Neapolitan Pizzeria & Birreria

Don’t visit this website when you’re hungry! If you do, you may still salivate upon seeing an assortment of delicious-looking pizza. If you’re thinking about a video background on your website, this is a great example of implementing this design feature. Anyone opening the site understands what it is about, and becomes a potential customer right away (unless it’s someone who really hates pizza).


6. Visit Humboldt

Here is another great example of turning web surfers into potential customers. It seems almost unfair to have such breathtaking footage demonstrating the product (or, rather, location, in this case). Look at it, and start thinking about visiting Humboldt at that very minute. Another advantage of such a template is that there is a visible button to turn the sound on and off. Sometimes people get annoyed if they cannot get rid of the music coming from a website or when it interferes with their own music.


7. Vandal Restaurant

Here is one more culinary-related example, which doesn’t try to awaken the appetite. The main idea here is to demonstrate the atmosphere, to lure with art pieces and to show the high level of service in this particular venue. This website background video is very professional; nothing is too much here. The video aims to create a desire to visit this place and, once you are hooked, there is a reservation button right there on the center of the screen. Having it right there where you can see it is a winning technique. Show something good, make people want it and don’t give them time to change their minds.


8. My Provence

When asking yourself how to create video background on a website, you might want to take a look at this example. Once again, it’s regarding a place to visit. The way it’s shown, the vibes coming from the screen are just begging for attention. Even though loud music can seem irritating to some people, for others it serves as a great complement and adds value to the mood. The video here serves as an additional presentation of the place itself, answering the question of why you should bother looking at the website. The better video you have here, the more people will get the answer and go for what you suggest.


9. Copywriters of Distinction

There is no color on this one, just black and white abstract video pieces that build up an atmosphere, but the interactive component supporting the initial background makes it interesting to scroll down and absorb the information. Once this happens, the background definitely fulfills its purpose. Not only does it draw the attention of potential customers, but also helps to hold it for some time. In a world full of distractions, this is a great achievement.


10. Fit Radio

Here is one more example of great visual representation of a company’s product. You don’t even have to read the information to grasp the idea. More than that, the video shows that, with the suggested app, a workout will be so much more enjoyable. Basically, it is selling the product through a picture of positive emotions. Remember, there is nothing people want more than positive emotions from whatever product there is, which is why a video showing a product should be based on showing happy people using it.


11. The Q Camera

What is the best way to show the more possibilities than an image? Showing these messages through videos. The Q Camera website is a great example of an eCommerce website that actually proves the quality of the product right on the spot. From the first seconds spent on the homepage, you can see:

  • The camera is very lightweight and compact
  • There are many colors available
  • Pictures can be uploaded to social media automatically
  • It is easy to use this camera

As a bonus, you get inspiration from seeing how fun it is to use this product with your friends and family. All the objectives here are reached with a clear and appropriate background video.

Now you have a better idea of how attractive video backgrounds on websites look and feel; however, don’t forget that not every website or business pairs well with this graphic style. If you offer your customers more complex products or services, it might be better to consider other means of attracting their attention, or work on the video itself to make it more suitable for the task.

For some business people, it never goes further than asking Google how to make a video background for a website. Even though the process is not too difficult, it definitely requires some professional attention. The video you have might be too heavy or look poor against your main color scheme, and what you don’t want is to select the wrong footage to represent your business, right?

So, if you want to add a video background to a website but don’t know where to start, we will be more than happy to help you at Fireart Studio. Please contact us to discuss modern trends in video backgrounds and see how they can work for the benefit of your business objectives.

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Using a Video Background on Your Website: 11 Examples
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