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Fireart Studio is known for its exceptional expertise in custom software development delivered for startups and enterprises globally. It has been recently recognized as the Top Node.js Development Company and the Top PHP Development Company on TechReviewer.co!

An analytics team of TechReviewer.co conducted its annual market research on outsourcing companies to define the most experienced software development companies in 2020 that are reputed in the industry for delivering high-performing mobile applications and web development solutions. The benchmarks of expertise included solid background, deep technology competences, and full-cycle software development services.

This year, Fireart Studio has been simultaneously featured in two categories of the best software development companies on TechReviewer.co: Top Node.js Developers and Top PHP Developers. Being at the forefront of digital design and technology solutions, Fireart is also unveiling new frontiers in Node.js development and PHP development in 2020.

Node.js and PHP are gaining traction faster than any other technologies and rank in the top most-in-demand developer skills. As a choice of multiple forward-thinking startups and enterprises, these technologies have become new standards for many large-scale projects today. The recent double recognition of Fireart Studio as the best Node.js developer and PHP developer proves that this team is in the full readiness to provide the needed skillset and expertise for projects of any scale, type of business, and industry.

With 50+ experts onboard and 7 years of experience in business, Fireart has become known for its exceptional expertise in custom software development and mobile app development. Backed by experienced web developers and designers in a team, Fireart has also been acclaimed on Clutch as a Top Web Development Company and Top Web Design Company.

These achievements showcase Fireart team’s commitment to upscale emerging technologies and the desire to provide high-quality software development solutions that help businesses keep abreast of the global digital transformation processes and upcoming trends.

As a team, Fireart has always been commuting skilled, experienced, and reliable experts who are genuinely dedicated to state-of-the-art technologies and have the ability to align with the fast-changing business environment. Building digital products since 2013, Fireart Studio continues getting featured as a leading provider of design and technology solutions today.