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The popularity of fitness and running apps has been on the rise lately. No wonder, these solutions allow you to most effectively control activity, weight, calorie burning, and more. This is a real game changer and a competitive moment for any training app project and process.

You can try top-notch health and fitness app development from Fireart to build your next project quickly. Make beautiful apps for your startup, completely scalable logical solutions where your investments pay off in almost 100% of cases due to the constant growth of your business and its new fitness community.

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Benefits of Hiring Our Fitness App Developers

For businesses, that strive to crate sports apps where users don't have to go to the gym to work out, but can do it at home or in the park, or exercise elsewhere via effective apps, there are several situations where their company could profit from our app development services:

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Experienced team

We work with the teams experienced in app dev from various business areas. They know the peculiarities of the market and the challenges of development. Over 10 years, we have successfully released over 700 projects that regularly receive industry awards.

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Native apps

The native application adapts to the iOS or Android system you need, so it works quickly on any smartphone and uses all their features. We use Kotlin and Swift, the programming languages recommended by Google and Apple, to provide the best user experience ever.

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Excellent UX

When you launch the application, the user immediately sees a choice of your app sports features, from gymnastics and yoga to martial arts or cross fit training. The side menus are designed to display activity search, settings, user and service information, etc.

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Fitness app development timeline will be faster with our help. It will take up to six months to make an application for sports and health. If you need the application as soon as possible, we will develop and release the MVP version in 3 months, and then we will expand the functionality of the app in no time.

Cooperation Models We Support

As you approach selecting the dream team for your calorie tracking or similar product development, full-time remote, in-house, or partially distant cooperation with our fitness app developers are all possibilities. The development of health apps goes through several stages:

Step 1

Contact us

You are welcome to drop your request into Fireart website contact form, and we will asap contact you to discuss the details

Step 2

Submit your app project requirements

Here you will provide your fitness application development request and we will pick the ideal fitness app developer team to make it

Step 3

Pick your dream team to supply your project

When you pick your dream team to supply your software project, we immediately start highly competitive agile mobile app development process

Fitness App Development Process

There is a flexible hiring process to adhere to when choosing our fitness mobile app development to assist you with your product development.

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Market & user analysis

We start from data search. A company's business strategy and app marketing plan must include a section on customer analysis (also known as customer profile). It includes the target audience, determines their desires, and then describes how the product satisfies those needs.

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Lead dev staffing

Employ an app developer with a stack you need to join your team and earn all the benefits from our staff augmentation. The lead dev will work as your employee after being formally hired by your company and you get the fullest control over the process. They code your app and make QA tests, as well as scale and maintain the project.

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Smart UI/UX design

Depending on the stage of the product development, our UX designers may utilize a number of tools or just one all-purpose tool. Tools often contain software to help research, design, and test their work. This could take the form of a whiteboard during a meeting or an intricate graphic design app concept used to create prototypes, etc. Our designers know it all.

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Agile development

We produce software products quickly and really consistently due to agile technology. It enables us to present the client with the initial job outcomes even during the early phases of app development. We make prototypes and MVP on request to show the preliminary results.

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When registering, the user often provides data like height, weight, gender, availability of equipment and the desired goal, etc. The application may build an individual nutrition and training plan, etc. In case of overdoing it, it notifies the user so that they may harm their health. We make meaningful personalised apps with smart solutions.

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Mobile app launch & marketing

Mobile app marketing after the fast product launch entails communicating with users from the moment they learn about your app until they become devoted and frequent users. We identify your target audience, where to find them, and what to say to them in order to accomplish this effectively.

Our Technology stack

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Our Fitness Mobile App Development Services

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Using our expertise in the fitness business, your fitness app development solution is intended to promote personal wellness, increase revenue production, and increase the clientele for fitness service provider – your brand. We are also the ideal technical partner if you're searching for a fitness app that is market-ready and has your own unique features and branding.

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Platform- agnostic approach

Platform- agnostic development is something we can afford. When their favourite apps follow them across all of their devices, customers are going to be thrilled. That’s why we create fitness applications for tablets, smartwatches, desktops, and so many other platforms.

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App integration

The sports e-commerce platforms we may also produce encourage your clients to buy fitness-related products by offering a wide range of built-in features and customization choices. They are also provided with multichannel communication tools and more. Want a fast multifunctional fitness and sports app? – That’s possible.

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App customization

Our fitness apps are totally customisable and ready to use, and it has a ton of features that provide you a quick return on your investment. The variety of fitness app categories has been deemed to be among our best software products and product design concepts.

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Unique designs

We have all the knowledge necessary to create a complete, reliable fitness product. Many services that we offer will enable you to get a quick return on your investment. Some of them support the latest trend technologies and all that due to the high quality unique product development standards we adhere to.

Why Choose Fireart Studio?

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Lead fitness app development company

Need a workout app? Sign up for a free consultation and find out the cost and terms of its creation with our help. We guarantee straight communication, top teams hiring models, transparent cooperation and agile development as our best practices. That keeps us on a leading company level.

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Before developing a fitness application, it is important to understand what purpose it will serve and how it will help the end user. The set of functions and plug-ins, the cost of the subscription will depend on this, etc. So, we start with the business research and trends analysis.

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Idea validation

Creating a fitness app for sports now looks like a good idea. If you already have an idea for a fitness app, please contact us for research and valiadtion. We will help you think through the concept, create a unique style and develop an application that we will support.

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Easy process

We adhere to the agile methodology while developing our products. So it won’t take too long to create and launch your workout app. Easy to follow progress is our magnet. Thanks to statistics and verification with smart gadgets, you can monitor your progress in sport via beautiful apps you create with us, which is easy and smart thanks to agile methodology and lean communication.

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Large apps selection

There is always an app concept for everyone: Yoga, Fitness, Sports, Nutrition, etc. apps. We develop apps suitable for yoga and gymnastics lovers, professional sportsmen and amateurs, for those who run, and workout for women and men, who love exhausting workouts, etc.


Are Fitness Apps Profitable?

Does the personal fitness app make money? The fitness apps market is expected to generate US$19.33 billion in revenue by 2023. In 2023, there will be 9.76% of users, and by 2027, 12.21% of users are anticipated. It is anticipated that the average revenue per user (ARPU) will be $25.78 USD. So, yes, they are.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Fitness Mobile App Developer?

You may hire specialists at a fitness app development company for your development activity at the average hourly rate of $25 – 85 for Android and at $45 – 75 if you need an iOS developer.

What are the functional requirements for a fitness app?

In order to be more flexible and user-friendly to the people, a fitness app must have the following fundamental features:

  • Enroll and log in.
  • Individual User Profile/Account.
  • Device Connection with Other Parties.
  • Tracking users activity.
  • Geolocation
  • Messages
  • and reminders.
  • Goal Setting feature and some extra as per client requirements.

Industries we have expertise in

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Healthcare & Fitness

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Finance & Banking

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Media & Entertainment

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Food & Beverage

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Our Clients

We believe that the brands are the cultural connection between companies and their communities.

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“Their ability to turn the article topics, which are often not easy to visually bring to life, into meaningful and creative illustrations is incredible. Fireart Studio takes direction well and will make changes accordingly without compromising quality.”

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Jack Brannen,
Art Director at PracticeLink

The website and branding have met praise from customers, leading to more work for Fireart Studio. The team provides designs, UI/UX, and other services promptly without sacrificing quality. Professional, reliable, and quick to respond to inquiries, they oversee a smooth workflow."

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Even competitors praised the website, which successfully clarified complex concepts and synchronized seamlessly with social media platforms. Although they could make more structured recommendations, FineArt Studio's affordable prices and round‑the‑clock availability made them a great resource."

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