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When planning the development of an Internet business, it is worth paying particular attention to the possibility of entering the markets of other countries as one of the main advantages of online trading. Virtual space erases the boundaries of your company.

But in electronic commerce, which is a trendy and rapidly developing direction, several characteristic features directly depend on countries and regions, your niche and other factors. Our b2b ecommerce consulting will help to choose the best way to grow.

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Benefits of Our eCommerce Business Consulting

Our e-commerce marketplace website creation is built on a long history of consulting and development success, extensive knowledge, and modern agile processes to provide clients with high-quality store products and other industry solutions. Spend less and achieve more with Fireart. If you choose our team you get a range of cooperation benefits.

Task management

We split the development process and communication to allow you to control teams, and payment and it works very well for most web projects. At Fireart Studio, we define sprints and create milestones from the start. We work in small agile phases that are easier to manage. Thus, we create a successful project plan.

Top ecommerce consulting agency

We are one of the top-notch technology providers worldwide. Award-winning and experienced talents work with us to achieve ultimate results in development and product design for many various projects including ecommerce.

Flexible teams

We give developers a range of recruiting alternatives. If more developers are required during the project ramp-up, we can attach them to the project. Any discussion regarding any issue is welcome. Anytime you need assistance, our specialists are available.

Risk reduction

We assume risks related to employees, technical failures, etc. That is why we guarantee seamless cooperation and development with ultimate success. We communicate fast and practice transparency to provide the best services and avoid severe delays, failures, and other complications.

Full control

For code review, design approvals, etc., you are welcome to link a group guide to provide even better and more predictable results. You may also entrust it to our PMs. The process is organized so that you can participate on any level.

Cooperation Models We Support

Usually, the idea is where our cooperation begins. Clients portray an outlook for the application’s or their website's future. We assist you in making the best choice because every application starts with an idea, a need to automate company operations, or address an issue. The steps involved in working with us as your b2b ecommerce consulting partner are evident and simple to comprehend. Depending on the project requirements, we take a customized approach to each project and offer T&M, fixed prices, hourly pay rates, etc.

Step 1

Contact us

To make a request for development consulting, use the feedback form. The sales staff will call you right away to find out more about your business needs

Step 2

Submit your project request

After the call, we will suggest the team that will work on your project the most effective. You provide the project information to us, and we will select the top solutions for you

Step 3

Pick your dream team

For your project evaluation, we provide the best plan and team, allowing you to make a decision as quickly as feasible. And then start the project right away

B2B eCommerce Consulting Process

Fireart offers professional consultancy and B2B e-commerce platform development services, among them UI/UX design, website navigation, and site search

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We first establish the specifics and gather all relevant data for the project, including concepts, company objectives, market research, and examples of actual items. We look at the settings, modifications, and store backend solutions for existing projects.

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Architecture design

Then, we create a list of all the required functionality and revisions after defining the marketplace's criteria and characteristics. The owner receives a description of every section as well as a project road map outlining the steps and due dates for implementation as a result.

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Concept of UX/UI

Our UI/UX specialists begin developing the platform or your apps look and feel after receiving all the specifications and planning the appropriate behavior models for a positive user experience. We assume the errors, risks related to UX, technical failures, etc.

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Agile development

Our website developers start writing and integrating the design at this point. The project manager may perform demos, make calls and provide other activities of each completed phase and keep track of the process at every point on demand.

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QA & Test

Prior to release, the QA team tests the functionality, either manually or automatically, verifies that the product complies with the specifications, and ensures that the interface is simple to use, etc.

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Consulting on deployment, use & support

You are shown the marketplace's finished version, consulted on the product characteristics and other, so you may evaluate its functionality and scale it. We offer a careful technical maintenance, support and marketing after deployment.

Our Technology stack

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Our B2B eCommerce Development and Consulting Services

We create the best solutions for numerous enterprise categories in various places thanks to our internal team of more than 50 talented designers and developers.

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We suggest that you start building a minimum viable product before developing any marketplace website or app. You can add more functionality as your project develops and grows, scale and maintain it in no time with our consultancy and practical help.

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Complex consulting solutions

With assistance from technology experts enhancing the way customer data is collected, we are a vendor and partner who is streamlining the top outsourcing, product design process, and technology development, and practices augmented reality technologies, big data analytics software, and beyond to ensure top quality consulting.

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Trusted partnership

We are also a dedicated & reliable retail & B2B e-Commerce sales partner with a high technology base. The top tech and software sales and business development company is Fireart because we’ve accomplished numerous projects in the niche. The retail technology industry is one of our main focus consultancy areas.

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Leading tech specialists

As numerous large tech corporations, Fireart has also hundreds of talented employees with various skillset. We offer the leading tech and design specialists for the highest-paying positions to advance your teams and ecommerce projects.

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We help grow businesses, boost revenue, and boldly lead cutting-edge software and technology enterprises into unexplored waters with the best service through our profound B2B eCommerce expertise. Fireart has aided numerous businesses in expanding rapidly, profitably, and safely into new markets.

Why Choose Fireart Studio?

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Agile B2B ecommerce development & consulting

With the help of a knowledgeable B2B ecommerce agency, we develop and deploy cutting-edge digital solutions fast and clearly for your business, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, service providers, etc.

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Business acceleration

We help companies digitize. Feel free to boost your company's growth with B2B e-commerce web development and enhance better user experiences. This helps increase your conversion rates, gives your customers access to a quick, secure 24/7 e-commerce website and mobile apps.

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Business process automation

To automate critical business processes is easy with our help. Lessen the workload on your employees too. Automate your back-office processes, order placements, and marketing workflows by integrating your B2B system with other providers.

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Hybrid app design

Another notable trend is hybrid formats: when offline supermarkets and retail chains go online and open entire areas for pickup or online shopping, etc. we are able to create hybrid platforms and apps to cater at your customers in a better way.

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Full-stack flexibility & scalability

With Fireart you may understand your buyers’ shopping behavior better, and forget about expensive and time-consuming feature development and integrations. You can build your ecommerce firm with a scalable API-first architecture to produce quantifiable growth.


What is B2B ecommerce?

Business-to-business electronic commerce, or B2B, refers to the online exchange of goods and services between companies.

What’s the difference between B2B & B2C commerce?

B2B commerce is distinct from B2C commerce, which is business-to-consumer online sales of products or services to consumers, unlike business to business relations only.

How much does an e commerce consulting cost?

An ecommerce consultant is thought to run between $50 and $300 per hour. In exchange for a predetermined quantity of hours or deliverables, the cost of a consultant varies according on the project's size and scope, the consultant's location, and your industry, etc.

Industries we have expertise in

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Healthcare & Fitness

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Finance & Banking

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Media & Entertainment

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Food & Beverage

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Our Clients

We believe that the brands are the cultural connection between companies and their communities.

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“Their ability to turn the article topics, which are often not easy to visually bring to life, into meaningful and creative illustrations is incredible. Fireart Studio takes direction well and will make changes accordingly without compromising quality.”

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Jack Brannen,
Art Director at PracticeLink

The website and branding have met praise from customers, leading to more work for Fireart Studio. The team provides designs, UI/UX, and other services promptly without sacrificing quality. Professional, reliable, and quick to respond to inquiries, they oversee a smooth workflow."

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Garik Goldsheyd,
Co-founder & COO, TheoremReach

Even competitors praised the website, which successfully clarified complex concepts and synchronized seamlessly with social media platforms. Although they could make more structured recommendations, FineArt Studio's affordable prices and round‑the‑clock availability made them a great resource."

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Marcus Hendrikson,
CEO, NoMoreWires

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