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UI design

UI design services focus on interface aesthetics without affecting functionality. UI design enhances your product’s usability by drawing attention to certain components and motivating users to perform specific actions. Hiring a UI design company is essential if you want to create a predictable and consistent interface layout and ensure the user’s comfort and joy.
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UX design

UX design services focus on a deep understanding of users: their values, needs, skills, and limitations. Business goals and objectives are equally important - a successful product must bring real business value. By hiring a UX design company, you will ensure that your product is developed according to the best UX practices.
When building a user interface, we…
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Make the interface as simple as possible

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Keep consistency by using common elements

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Are purposeful in page layout

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Apply beautiful typography

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Use color and texture strategically

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To create an excellent user experience, we...
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Investigate business requirements

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Create a target user persona

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Conduct target market research

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Create lo-fi and hi-fi prototypes

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Perform usability testing

To choose the best strategy for your UI/UX, we…
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Discover your value proposition

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Investigate your business model

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Explore your KPIs and business goals

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Run an in-depth target audience analysis

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Conduct user experience research

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Why choose Fireart Studio?

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Award-winning work

Fireart is recognized as the top UI/UX design studio by Dribbble, Clutch, and Manifest. We create products that will outperform your competitors and engage your audience with digital illustrations and animation.
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Expertise in UI/UX design

We strive to find simple solutions to complex problems and pay attention to every detail. Since 2013, our UI/UX design company has designed over 700 projects for different enterprises, from global tech giants to startups.
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Focus on business value

We work tirelessly to create meaningful and lasting results for your business. Our experts conduct business analysis and investigate your KPIs to deliver the design that matches your commercial goals.
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Transparent approach

We value collaboration and teamwork. That’s why we strive for efficient and clear communication with our clients. You communicate directly with the team leader and always stay informed about important decisions and development progress.

FAQ about UI/UX design

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What is usability testing?

It’s an important stage of the design process that allows testing the prototype of your design concept. It allows our UI/UX design company to identify problems before the product launch. Usability testing helps save post-launch development costs.
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Is user research important?

Target user research is the first step in the UX design process. It is crucial for understanding your audience and developing a more successful product. Our UX design services include user research based on collecting quantitative and qualitative data about the end-users.
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Do I have any control over the design process?

Our UI/UX design studio works in close collaboration with our clients, adjusting the product to their vision and business objectives. We will provide you with recommendations based on the best design practices, but the final word is always yours.


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Marcus Hendrikson
CEO, Nomorewires
"Even competitors praised the website, which successfully clarified complex concepts and synchronized seamlessly with social media platforms. Although they could make more structured recommendations, FineArt Studio's affordable prices and round-the-clock availability made them a great resource. "
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Garik Goldsheyd
Co-founder & COO, TheoremReach
"The website and branding have met praise from customers, leading to more work for Fireart Studio. The team provides designs, UI/UX, and other services promptly without sacrificing quality. Professional, reliable, and quick to respond to inquiries, they oversee a smooth workflow."
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Jack Brannen
Art Director, PracticeLink
"Their ability to turn the article topics, which are often not easy to visually bring to life, into meaningful and creative illustrations is incredible. Fireart Studio takes direction well and will make changes accordingly without compromising quality."
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Yong-Sing Pan
Managing Director, CompanyScan
"Thanks to Fireart Studio's effort, the website was launched successfully and it garnered positive feedback from the end-users for having a great design. The team took the client's feedbacks and they were immediately reflected in their design process. They delivered the project in a timely manner."
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Aleksandar Djokic
Mobile Marketing Manager, Toggl
"Results from FireArt Studio’s contributions included a 60% open rate for both SMM and email campaigns and widespread positive feedback from customers. The team’s prompt incorporation of feedback, deadline-driven workflow, and self-initiative contributed to a productive partnership."

Our Clients

We believe brands are the cultural connection between companies and their communities.

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Our Technology Stack

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Some of Our Cases

We believe that great products cannot happen without passion, intelligence, and personal commitment, and it is demonstrated by our portfolio that spans different customers, industries, and target audiences. Building client relationships on trust, we openly share our approaches and lift the veil to inner creative processes.