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Why should you choose Fireart digital product agency?

Fireart Studio is a boutique digital product design and development studio. We have 50+ JS and design experts on board and 6+ years of experience in building digital projects from scratch or refreshing existing ones.

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Agile team of JS programmers

An exclusive team from our digital product agency, dedicated only to your project, no micromanagement, communication only through a team leader, who solves all problems and takes care of product's delivery

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Specialization and focus on JS

From our digital product studio you are getting a team of seasoned, collocated professionals who know each other well and have lots of experience in working together, which speeds up delivery, reduces the number of errors

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Best quality designers working together with development team

As we started from design many years ago, we are ranked on Dribbble as 1 of the 10 best design studios around the world. We care about the design and front-end face of the project. As a digital product development agency, we believe in beautiful software

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We take a complex approach to product creation

Our digital product company's multifunctional team brings together designers, software developers, QA experts, and illustrators. Applying our multifaceted team's skillset, we will help you overcome the trickiest challenges during the exciting product development journey

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Integration with an ongoing project or starting a new one

We thrive in a situation when we have to start our work ASAP - implemented agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban) plus processes and tools that we have in place allow us for smooth and painless completion of any project

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Smooth integration with an ongoing project and client's in-house team

We specialize in agile methodologies, JS language and related technology stack. We keep thorough time tracking and charge you for only the hours you use.

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Some of Our Cases

We build more than just experiences

Fireart Studio is a boutique digital product design agency. We have 50+ JS and design experts on board and 6+ years of experience in building digital projects from scratch or refreshing existing ones as the leading digital product agency

Since 2013, we support global companies and startups at every stage of a product life cycle, starting with conceptualization, design, prototyping, development, user testing, and deployment of a complete solution.

Being a trusted partner for more than 700 bold businesses worldwide, we deliver the overarching design and development solutions to help our customers become the industry game - changers, giants, influencers, icons.

Our Clients

We believe brands are the cultural connection between companies and their communities.

Our Achievements

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28 Behance Galeries

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5.0 Rating on Clutch

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Top 3 on Dribbble

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22 reviews on Clutch

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Verified on Business of Apps

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