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How You Build an Auction Website Like eBay?

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28 August
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The ability to use a platform for buying and selling various things based on a bidding mechanism has made auction websites increasingly popular throughout the years. Others have considered the concept of creating your own auction website to be a smart move, particularly when establishing a business because of its potential to attract a sizable audience. Nowadays, how to build an auction website is not a rare query. So, this time it’s all about building an auction website like eBay or similar.

How You Build an Auction Website Like eBay? 5
How You Build an Auction Website Like eBay with Fireart

Why do online auction websites become so popular?

So, why building an online auction website is so popular? Due to their convenience, online auctions are increasingly popular among buyers and sellers. Online auctions are becoming extremely popular with FinTech companies, and others from eBay and Unbid to AuctionZip and ShopGoodwill. People are wondering if they can successfully buy and sell products at internet auctions if they’re searching for a side business. The good news is that this may absolutely work, provided they take the necessary precautions to ensure that you are handling your money wisely. That’s why an auction website development can be a great idea.

Online auction sites like eBay, OnlineAuction, OZtion, WeBidz, uBid, and others provide excellent possibilities for purchasing goods from domestic and foreign suppliers, whether they are pre-owned or brand-new, and you have access to all of this information whenever and wherever you want. You can sell your new or used products on these same auction websites in a similar manner.

Also, feel free to check on how to build an app like Yelp or produce a great shopping app in no time.

How do online auctions like eBay make money?

What are eBay-style auctions? Sellers set a starting price for an auction-style listing and compete with other bidders. Store owners can use product auction options on the website or via apps to enable the bidding on the products in their store. Customers can place bids on any products they choose. They can begin bidding on things as soon as they are posted to the auction or when an administrator adds auctions. The auction is won and the highest bidder purchases the item when the listing expires.

The majority of users of online auction sites desire to profit from them. In particular, you wish to monetize your auction website in one or possibly several ways. Paying those who post the auctions is the primary source of income for an auction website owner. Only take a percentage of each product’s sale on your marketplace platform as commission. Now let’s check out how to build an auction website like eBay a bit in detail.

How to create an auction website: step by step guide 

Consider every aspect of how the future auction will operate and precisely who the target market for the firm will be before commencing the development process. This piece dives into the specifics of developing an auction website and offers a step-by-step process tutorial on how to do it.

Buy a domain name and set a web hosting account

You may search for and purchase the domain name of your choosing using a variety of online resources and web hosting companies. Among the well-known ones are Google Domains, NameCheap,, GoDaddy, and others. 

Your auction website should have a distinctive, memorable, and value-driven domain name. The domain name need to be brief, memorable, and simple to say and pronounce. Great examples of memorable domain names that are currently famous over the world include and which is common.

Or connect an existing domain name to a fresh web server. To keep it for your company, you must renew your domain name registration each year.

Pick the auction model

Choosing the kind of auction model you want to base your company on is one of the crucial choices you must make in order to start a free auction website. There are six key live auction models to consider:

  • The English auction

Until the object is sold to the highest bidder, the bid starts with a reserve price. This form of auction is simple to understand, which makes it a particularly well-liked technique when used in person. This design works well on auction websites as well. Online bidders can easily see the previous bid. This openness encourages the submission of higher offers. Before the auction even begins, some online English auctions set a maximum bid. Other bidders have the option of topping this bid or forfeiting the auction if it is met or exceeded.

These are the type of auction that is most frequently conducted both online and at reputable auction houses. One single item is offered for bidding at a time during an English auction. The auctioneer presents the first item and states the opening bid. The interested parties then place their bids on the object. One by one, bidders accept offers of higher prices until no one can outbid the previous bidder. Possession of the item goes to the bidder with the highest, unmatched offer.

  • Reverse auctions

An English auction operates similarly to how a reverse auction operates. In an English auction, several bidders compete to buy the same item from one vendor. In this instance, the seller is seeking the highest possible bid. Multiple vendors compete to offer their item to a single buyer in a reverse auction. The sellers who are bidding aim to offer the lowest price feasible until one of them finds a price that makes the customer happy rather than competing with each other for larger bids.

Antiques are not typically sold through reverse auctions. Instead, they are frequently applied in professional contexts. For instance, a corporation may conduct a reverse auction with numerous bidders if it wants to purchase office furniture in large quantities.

  • The Penny auction

There is a minimum bid amount for this kind of auction. Then, bidders may place as many consecutive tiny fixed increment bids as they choose starting at the opening price. The duration of the auction is increased for as long as there are bidders. The auction will end when there are no more buyers, at which point the highest bidder is deemed the winner. So, it starts at a low starting bid; participants then propose set price increments until there are no more offers. The highest bidder receives the item.

  • The Dutch auction

 Until the item receives an offer above the reserve price, the bid starts at the highest price and descends to the lowest bid. Particularly, the starting offer for each item is exorbitantly high, and the price is gradually reduced as the bidding progresses. The first winner accepts the prize and pays more; subsequent winners pay less.

Dutch auctions aren’t just for antiques; they’re also for business. Dutch auctions are one method that start-ups may employ to find investors. To see who would buy at each passing price, the corporation first presents a share price before gradually lowering it over time. The cut that all winners pay is the share price with the highest number of bids for the most shares.

  • The Sealed Bid auction

In a sealed bid auction, purchasers can only place one bid; the existing bids are kept secret, and the highest bidder prevails. Following the auction’s closing, the sealed bids are opened, and depending on the rules, the highest bidder (or, in some cases, the lowest bidder) is declared the winner.

  • The Double auction 

In this kind of auction, the auctioneer will select the price that clears the market after receiving the desired prices from both buyers and sellers. The purchasers who submitted a bid greater than the price will be able to purchase at the established price, and the sellers with a lower asking price than the auctioneer’s price will be permitted to sell.

  • The Vickrey auction

The William Vickrey auction, so named because the highest bidder only has to pay the price of the second-highest bidder, awards the items to the highest bidder. Vickrey actually won the 1996 Nobel Prize in Economics. The winner of the Vickrey Auction just has to pay the second-highest bid amount. The auctioneer accepts offers from numerous bidders and sellers during the double auction. Preparation is still necessary even if you wish to make your own free auction website. You may easily complete the development of the auction website without hassles.

For example, if three bids are submitted: $100, $80, and $50, the item is awarded to the bidder who offered $100 but will only have to pay $80.

Get Prepared for Website Development

You should decide on the features you want for your auction eCommerce site after choosing the user roles (Admin, bidder, and seller), auction model, and first online auction. Your IT partner will decide on the best tech stack and create a strong, feature-rich auction platform. Depending on the requirements and needs of the specific business, the list of features changes, etc.

Select a website building strategy

Choosing the method for developing the solution is one of the key choices in developing an auction website. There are two possibilities: (i) an off-the-shelf solution (ii) the creation of a custom website.

Off-the-shelf solution

 Using the ready-to-use solution, You can use WordPress plugins to build an auction website. Without having to start from scratch with coding, content management systems (CMS) allow people to create, administer, and edit material on websites. The auction site can then be operated and relevant information added. The WordPress YITH WooCommerce Auctions plugin is also available.

Custom website

You can create the full auction website from scratch using custom website construction. You can speak with a website-building business about this choice. They’ll comprehend your objectives and design a new website specifically to satisfy them.

Customized solutions enable you to embrace the business goal from the start, whilst off-the-shelf solutions have lower upfront costs and a quicker turnaround time. Second, a custom solution can be scaled up or down based on how your business needs change. Additionally, real-time data updates and maintaining top performance even under heavy load are conceivable with tailored solutions. Last but not least, bespoke auction websites frequently receive security updates and fixes that reduce the possibility of hacking or information leakage.

Pick the monetization model

The three basic categories of the auction theory-based model are 

In the forward auction model, many buyers bid on services or items being sold, whereas in the reserve auction model, many vendors bid on items or services that a buyer has requested. Thinking about how an auction website will generate revenue before construction starts is crucial. When developing an auction website, the following monetization strategies are also frequently used: 

  • Seller commission: Vendors are required to split a portion of the profits they make from transactions.
  • Listing fees: In order to add new items to a website, sellers must pay a charge.
  • Buyer fees: For each transaction, bidders are required to pay a commission.
  • No commissions or fees with ads.

Select the most appropriate monetization model and strategy so that software developers can build an auction website with the necessary features. Various monetization strategies can occasionally be mixed.

Design the UI/UX

A detailed business needs analysis is necessary for professionals to design the ideal user experience. It will assist them in creating a thoughtful UX design that advances corporate objectives. When developing an auction website, completing the website design development step is essential. Designers must create a mockup of your site using the wireframes they have already generated. They must construct UI elements in a specific order, choose a color palette, and design a logo.

Select a tech stack

To create an auction website, a variety of technologies might be applied. Today, creating the front-end for an online auction requires more than just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. A number of cutting-edge technologies, including BootStrap, should also be taken into account, particularly the multitude of JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js, React.js, Angular.js, and others.

Give developers access to all the documents and technical specifications so they can propose a tech stack. The best solutions to accomplish all the objectives will be investigated and offered by software developers who know how to build an auction website.

Create an MVP

Create all the characteristics outlined at the preparation step to start developing the auction website. It is advised to initially create a minimal viable product (MVP). You’ll be able to launch your website more quickly and concentrate on creating important features.

You can employ an outside team of skilled developers to personalize your website and add all your desired features and functionalities. This option can provide you greater freedom to design your website and is more cost-effective.

Today, the development can relate to a wide range of things, such as client-side scripting or security installations. This can take a lot of effort because you need to both discover the networking and scripting issues and figure out how to fix them.

Test it 

Try out your auction site first. Before releasing an MVP, acceptance testing is the last step in the stage that helps confirm that all the features function properly. After building an auction website, software developers must code and run unit tests to make sure all the features operate as intended. Also required of QA engineers is manual or automated testing. Additionally, it can assist you in identifying serious vulnerabilities and security flaws.

Release your website

After the initial version is finished, you need to set up a server and go live with your auction website. Developers might assist in determining the optimum method for launching your site depending on the common technical needs. As a result, programmers will have access to your auction website and be able to test it on a live server.

Continue developing even after the MVP has been tested and released. Feel free to examine client needs and create new features to improve the functionality of your website. It’s also a good idea to get feedback from website visitors to learn what features they need in order to enjoy using your auction website.

Maintain your website and continue to add new features to improve it and grow your business.

Cost to Create a Website Like eBay

How to build an auction platform website and what’s the price? When building a website like eBay, you need to include a variety of services including shipping, chatbots, and payment methods. Each of these has a 30% or so effect on development costs. In other words, implementing necessary functionality costs between $15,000 and $30,000; based on the variety and complexity of operating systems implementing more features is more expensive. A website like Amazon has higher operating costs, necessitating more effort from developers to support platform upkeep and content personalization, etc.

How to Use Your Auction Website Safe

Recognize the typical risks associated with online auction sites to start. These consist of:

  • purchasing a product or products that you never receive as a result of a shady seller, or selling something, sending it to the customer, but never getting paid.
  • having a cyberthief take control of your account and use it to make large transactions in your name, as well as having your information stolen to be used for identity theft.
  • oversharing information with a buyer or seller who may use it for identity theft through correspondence or by making a risky purchase using a credit card or a personal cheque with all your information.
  • getting a copycat or paying an inflated price for an item rather than the real thing you bought.
  • receiving emails from phishing scammers that have come from the auction site or your preferred payment provider. 
  • you may easily grow your company with a well-built auction website because contemporary platforms and technologies are easier to scale.
  • even though the initial cost of developing an auction website may seem exorbitant, it will ultimately be less expensive than sometimes holding actual auctions.
  • as everyone from anywhere can simply access your website and begin bidding, an auction website expands the geographic reach of your company.
  • there is no language barrier because the auction website has a multilingual feature that allows for auction trade in a variety of languages.

Since buyers cannot physically see the objects, judging their condition and worth might be challenging. These frequently request user private information, such as your passwords and banking details, so scammers can use it to steal your identity and money. Mind that while offering a new auction website to the world to use.

With just a few easy safety precautions, you too can have great and gratifying experiences buying and selling on online auction sites while avoiding the tricks scammers employ to take advantage of unsuspecting victims through these platforms. You can add products and run an auction if you own a website. An auction website in this situation could provide you with an additional money stream.


How much does it cost to create an auction website?

Costs might vary significantly depending on experience and project requirements; however it’s normal to receive estimates between the following rates:

Features Time (Hours) Cost (As per $50/hour)
Product Page 30-40 $1500-$2000
Auction Functionality 150-160 $7500-$8000
Review Rating 40-50 $2000-$2500
Shopping Cart 50-60 $25000-$3000


How do auction websites make profit?

By bidding online, both buyers and sellers can save time and money, which is beyond any profit. In order to participate in the auction, buyers do not need to travel, and sellers do not need to organize a live event. An auction can be a place without the products being transported to a single central location, etc. 

So, listing fees, advertising fees, and buyer’s premiums, website owners displaying advertisements are how online auction sites are able to recoup their costs. Buyer’s premiums are like commissions; they represent a cost beyond the winning bid price. Most online auction sites that employ auctioneers charge buyer’s premiums.

What are the main disadvantages of an auction site?

Recognize the typical risks associated with online auction sites to start:

  • Online auction product images can be different from the real thing. 
  • One of the main disadvantages is the absence of direct communication between customers and sellers. Since buyers cannot physically see the objects, judging their condition and worth might be challenging.
  • Cyber auctions could result in fraud or expose buyers to cyber thieves and hackers. In some instances, vendors have conned bidders in an online auction.
  • There is no assurance that your property will sell at auction.
  • Your property’s market value is determined on the spot.
  • The expense of marketing is typically higher.
  • The purchasing procedure is condensed into an auction setting.



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