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What is Boostation?

Boostation is a mobile application for Android created for cleaning your phone’s app and system cache. We got a task from our client to create an explainer video for a mobile app that could clearly pass a message to the users through the visuals created in low poly style. And that was one of the most interesting experiences for us.

The concept

The video aimed to clearly explain the concept of this mobile cleaning master and show how it works on the example of the city

Welcome to the motion design kitchen

First, we have created sketches showing the basic ideas of the future video. Every picture was discussed with the client and should have followed the general idea of the explainer video – to show how Boostation can help a mobile user clean a phone’s system and make it work faster

We translated the mobile app features into 3D city

Our motion graphic designers had to take a very creative approach while creating the images of the main phone system aspects in this 3D town. For example, a game center was depicted as a racing stadium and a cache files were gathered in a stock. Here you can see some test renders and final shots of the city. All the scenes represented in the digital illustrations were animated into a catchy story helping people understand the ideas Boostation app. We’re very detail oriented, so every animation detail was tailored with love. Here you can see it in the gif-animations