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What is Boostation?

Boostation is a mobile application that clears the cache on your phone. Once, we have got a task to produce an engaging animated explainer video for this app. It has aimed to convey the brand’s message through lovely visuals performed in a low poly style. This case is genuinely one of the most exciting experiences for our team.

The concept

The video has aimed to show how Boostation can help users clean their phone systems. We have used a concept of the city to reveal the essence of this mobile cleaning master more creatively.
Boostation 11

Welcome to our motion design kitchen

We’ve started by creating sketches depicting basic ideas for the future video. Every picture has been discussed with the client. All illustrations correspond to the main idea of an explainer video and demonstrate how Boostation can help users easily clean the cache and make a phone run faster.
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We translated mobile app features into a 3D city

Our motion designers have taken a very creative approach to the process of creating elements of this 3D city that imitated the work of different mobile phone systems. For example, a game center is depicted as a racing stadium.

We have breathed life into all illustrations by gathering them into one animated video that transfers the main ideas of Boostation. We are really detail-oriented and always tailor even the smallest animation elements with love. Below, you can see a few animated scenes from the video.

Boostation 14
Boostation 15
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