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Diabetes control
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Every day people with diabetes face challenges no one sees: just try to keep in mind everything you eat and predict how it will affect your body.

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Diabetics need to count the glycemic load of all the food eaten and make injections, otherwise blood sugar rate will be too high or too low.
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People are likely to forget about taking pills and glucose measurements as they don’t affect life indicators instantly.
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People, suffering from diabetes, need to be aware of their glucose levels 24/7 as such control reduces risks of complications arising from diabetes.

The aim is to create an app which will make lives of people with diabetes simplier. It will combine a blood glucose log, will calculate meals glycemic load and the amount of insulin needed to process the food. The app will make calculations basing on personal data, so the result will be accurate and individual for every user.

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Key metrics

To understand the problems and users’ experience better, the survey was conveyed. 31 respondent with diabetes answered the questions.

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Find it difficult to calculate the right amount of insulin to process a meal
Diabetes Control 10
Sometimes forget to take medicine
Diabetes Control 11
Sometimes forget to measure blood glucose at the same time evey day
In general, the hypothesis made at the beginning of the research was proved: people have troubles remembering to measure blood glucose and calculate meal glycemic load. Many respondents try to do diabetes related routine at the same time but it turnes out to be difficult in practice.
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User Personas

To classify the tagrget audience and understand their motivation better 3 personas were created. Their characteristics and the main insights I got are based on the survey results.

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Stacy Sugar
Diabetes 1 type
Got ill with diabetes 2 years ago. Has to make injections.
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Afraid of the changes in lifestyle the illness bring. Wants to lead a normal way of life.
Diabetes Control 15
Worries about calculating insulin. Had to call the ambulance because took too much of it.
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Daniel Donut
Diabetes 2 type
Got ill with diabetes 15 years ago. Has to take pills every day.
Diabetes Control 17
Sometimes forgets to take pills and measure blood glucose. As a result, has uncontrolled glucose rises.
Diabetes Control 18
Needs to stick to a low-carbohydrate diet, but finds it hard to control the amount of the eaten food.
Diabetes Control 19
Mary Sweetson
Gestational diabetes
Discovered she is ill 2 months ago. Got diabetes because of pregnancy.
Diabetes Control 20
Sometimes forgets to measure blood glucose. Worried about the baby.
Diabetes Control 21
Has to count everything she eats in order to keep blood glucose normal.

On this stage the main goal was to make a user journey smooth, simple and minimize negative cases.

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Having analyzed all the info from the research I got from the previous stages, the optimal app architecture was designed.

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A good deal of time was spent on wireframes and prototypes creation as it helps to make an easy-to-use product and design the best user experience.

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UI kit

The general idea was to make the design of the app clean, friendly and give it a modern vibe. I used bright colors and emoji as they create amiable atmosphere.

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Onboarding process takes a user through 7 simple steps and helps to personalize further experience. Each step is followed by a question and the answers determine how a person would interact with Dia later.

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Main page
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Quick add

A user can easily add a glucose measurement, meal or a medication with a quick add button. Each feature uses its own color code, making it easy for users to differentiate them.

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Meal calculator

Everything a person has eaten during a day is calculated. Handy search allows to add new items if needed. Knowing carbs and glycemic index of a dish allows Dia to count glycemic load.

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Dish Page

The most important issue for any person with diabetes is keeping blood glucose normal. The log helps to get control over blood glucose levels.

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Glucose log

The log helps to get control over blood glucose levels as the most important issue for any person with diabetes is keeping blood glucose normal.

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Profile tab enables to reach any section of settings. There a user can change parametres chosen at registration and onboarding steps as well as manage reminders.

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Dia sends reminders to its users so they can always do diabetes related routine on time.

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