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Project Overview

Illustrations for Google Play Games

We’ve got a task to create a set of digital illustrations for game categories on Google Play Games. They have been purposed to turn user experience into an exciting journey in the gaming world.
Our team has been happy to face this challenge and create visuals that are the first element you can see in a user interface when entering Google Play Games. They are placed near the gamer’s achievement level, top scores, and recent activity.
Google Play 11


The user interface design for game genres

What’s done?

The illustrations transfer the mood and ideas of the top game categories. Every game has a cover image that reveals the main concept of this exciting experience.
We’ve attempted to create unique illustration themes that allows users to see a game idea at a glance. All pictures express a particular style and dynamics.
Google Play 12
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Google Play 15
Google Play 16
Google Play 17
Google Play 18
Google Play 19
Google Play 20
Google Play 21
Google Play 22
Google Play 23


Character design

Another task has been to create distinctive characters for Google Games in order to “humanize” user experience and set strong associations with each game.
Every character design conveys the mood of a game and its specific message through different stylistic elements in the image.
Google Play 24
Google Play 25


Collection of user avatars

Our graphic design team has created a collection of user avatars to make Google Play’s user experience even more personalized. This task has required us to take an even more creative approach. We’re happy to introduce these eye-catching and memorable online identities. Our illustrators have created images of multi-colored animals, monsters, and aliens to hint at human emotions without identifying them with real people.

Google Play 26Google Play 27


Interface design that supports different screen sizes

We paid special attention to the adjustability of the illustrations. The design looks great only if it is well-optimized for different types of devices.

Google Play 28Google Play 29Google Play 30Google Play 31Google Play 32



Google Play 33

Color palette

Choosing colors for these illustrations, we’ve been inspired by bold color statements juxtaposed with the muted environments of the contemporary architecture, road signs, pavement marking tape and sports courts.

Google Play 34
We believe that urbanism may be beautiful and get inspired by dozens of perfect color combinations hidden in the city jungle.