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Project Overview

Illustrations for Google Play Games

Once, we got the task from Google to create the illustrations for the top game genres of Google Play Games aimed to make the user experience more immersive.

We took up the challenge to design the illustrations which are the first thing users see when opening the Google Play Games app along with the gamer’s achievement level, top scores, and recent activity.


The user interface design for game genres

What has been done?

The illustrations showcase the concepts of the top game genres. There is also one default illustration expressing the gaming idea in general.

We’ve tried to design the images that have a clear genre theme and make a user understand the game idea at a glance. We aimed to create illustrations conveying narrative scenes full of activity and movement.


Character design

We aimed to design the characters for Google Games that help to make the interactions more human-like and set strong visual associations with the game

They should have clearly conveyed the game idea and send the message in the way that corresponds to the mood and voice of each game.


Collection of user avatars

To make Google Play’s user experience more personalized, our graphic design team created a collection of user avatars. The quest for better online identities we needed to take an even more creative approach.

We opted for multi-colored animals, monsters, and aliens to hint at human emotions while feeling very separate from individual human identity.


Interface design that supports different screen sizes

We paid special attention to the adjustability of the illustrations. The design looks good only if it looks good on the different types of devices.



Color in Google

Using color in Google illustrations, we’ve been inspired by bold color statements juxtaposed with the muted environments of the contemporary architecture, road signs, pavement marking tape and sports courts.

We believe urbanism may be beautiful and get inspiration from the city jungle to find out the perfect color combination