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Limehome is more than a hotel. It is an innovative apartment rental solution completely optimized for the needs of tech-savvy customers and the digital world. It is a perfect combination of the highest quality standards of a hotel and the advantages of an apartment.


Enjoy the comfort and beauty of incredible suites in prime locations in German and Austrian cities. They cater to guests with an easy-to-use digital access system and offer much more space than a hotel room.

Our product development process

What we provided to our client

UX Design

At the first stage of a product development journey, we defined the target user’s core problems, conducted workshops with a client, and started prototyping.

UI Design

The next step was to create a unique branding style and a visual part of a product. We crafted a complex style guide and custom components.


At that phase, we provided developers with a complete design guide that included multiple files with documentation, presentation, and motion interactions.


Our work hasn’t ended here. We provide continuous support and still are working on product updates and improvements.

Fast and creative


After the research was done, we started crafting sketches for different home page sections. The main purpose was to create an intuitive and convenient UX architecture for a website. Some of the initial sketches remained the same while others experienced many alterations.

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Over 100 screens


When the sketch work was completed, we continued with wireframing. That process required us to overcome particularly interesting and tricky challenges.

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UI design and guidelines for a brand

Branding and visual style

The composition is elegant yet sophisticated. It uses the repetitive motive of the “four-leaf” logo in different web design elements. Since a grid is based on a logo, a system stays flexible and easy to apply.
multi-tile and single layers
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pictures and boxes
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Color System
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Visual Design


The main purpose of a website is to provide an easy and smooth check-in process. The structure and composition that are introduced above resolve this task.

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Prototyping and testing

Mobile sketching

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Responsive design

Mobile version

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Responsive design for all screen sizes

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