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Character design concept

Designing a character from scratch can be a tricky beast to tackle. Here is how our team has taken up this challenge and designed a memorable character. Meet Rocco the Rhino – strong and hard-working, but not a superhero!

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Who is Rocco the Rhino?

Before we have started drawing a character, we have defined his mood, key traits, and features that we should communicate through a visual image. Rocco the Rhino has had to be strong and visually lightweight, confident and amiable at the same time. We believe that this mix of paradoxes will win the audience’s heart.

The sketching stages

After we’ve defined Rocco’s personal features, we have started creating sketches with movement, acting, and fun. Our graphic design team believes that a key tool in character design is the line of action that helps create an efficient narrative and convey dynamics. That’s why we have captured the poses for Rocco the Rhino first, and after, revealed the direction of the character design.

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It has been a long way. But, we have passed it fast. To understand Rocco the Rhino’s emotion and see a line of action, we have turned him into a silhouette to check if we need to make his gestures more distinctive.

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Voilà! Meet Rocco the Rhino – strong and hard-working, but not a superhero

Our graphic designers tried to achieve a pleasing balance between complex and simple, life and movement – everything within one character. Now, even a neutral pose can lead the eye by applying such an approach.

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Our design efforts have resulted in a distinctive character who can have different moods and can appear in various places and situations.
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A gentleman or a tricky guy – Rocco the Rhino has different images and moods, but he still is the same lovely rhino.
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Rocco the Rhino is hard-working and reliable, but he still is funny and humorous.
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He fights the rain and wind. A strong and powerful rhino continues to go-ahead to the goal, despite all the obstacles on his way.
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