Website redesign
for Sweet Analytics.

Website redesignfor Sweet Analytics. 4
01 / Inroduction

Is your head aching from trying to manage the data chaos?

Sweet Analytics is a powerful customer and marketing platform that empowers you to grow your business. Sweet connects with all the marketing platforms that you know and love and brings it all under one roof.

Full website redesign, including new website concepts creation, updated visual design with emphasis on graphics and motion design of the main home screen illustration.
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02 / Sitemap
Website redesignfor Sweet Analytics. 6
03 / Our Process
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04 / Home Screen

The design of the main page took us the most time. We looked at several options for concepts before settling on one that is most suitable for the quick and easy explation the platform's main idea.

Desktop, Mobile
& Tablet
Website redesignfor Sweet Analytics. 8


The graphics on the home page were created not only for the purpose of wow-effect when you first interact with the site, but also to explain in a simple and accessible form the concept and uniqueness of the platform itself.

While the main animation conveys the main idea, the second slider-illustration allows the user to see the concept in more detail.

Website redesignfor Sweet Analytics. 9
05 / Main Illustration Design & Ideation
Website redesignfor Sweet Analytics. 10
Dzmitry Kazak
/ Illustrator @Fireart


The goal of the main illustration is to explain the basic concept of the sweet platform: take control of marketing, get a true view of sales attribution, turn data into the information you need to grow.

We decided to represent the sweet platform as a filter, which you can turn on to create structured information from the data choas you have in order to grow your business.

Website redesignfor Sweet Analytics. 15
Dzmitry Kazak
/ Illustrator @Fireart


We concentrated on creating the realistic data mess or chaos on the left side of the platform and detailed, structured peaces on its right side.

We used logos of platforms which can be integrated into sweet as well as different colors for small dotts to represent information and help us visualise the mess and make sure that the concept of structure is shown well.

06 / Animation of the Main Illustration
Website redesignfor Sweet Analytics. 20
Danil Aksenov
/ Motion Designer @Fireart


The first impression cannot be obtained twice. Therefore, when planning the main page, we understood that it is important to explain to the user the basic concept and value of the company, while catching the most important thing - the user's attention.

Interactive animation solved this problem perfectly.

Turn Sweet Off
Turn Sweet On
07 / Pricing Screen

The main UX challenge of the Sweet website redesign was to create easy to understand pricing plans, the whole inner structure of which is rather complex for a quick understanding especially for the first time.

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& Tablet
Website redesignfor Sweet Analytics. 21
Website redesignfor Sweet Analytics. 22
Website redesignfor Sweet Analytics. 23


User can quickly switch between monthly and yearly pricing plans. For further convenience we added a slider for the Pro Plan to show on interaction that your price will depend on your monthly revenue band.

To sum it all up we designed easily to navigate table with all the pricing plans details, which allows user to quickly compare the options.

08 / Additional Pricing Block

To represent pricing plans on the other pages as well as to make sure the user will be able to select the best plan and click the call to action button, we designed the additional pricing block in form
of interactive questionnaire.

Desktop, Mobile
& Tablet
Website redesignfor Sweet Analytics. 24
09 / Integrations Screen

Sweet platform have multiple integrations with other platforms, which helps to gather all the information in one place. To navigate a user through all of them we designed the separate screen for full presentation of all the integration options.

Desktop, Mobile
& Tablet
Website redesignfor Sweet Analytics. 25
10 / Blog

To help Sweet Analytics create the marketing community around their business we designed corporate blog with comments section for additional interaction and further communication.

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& Tablet
Website redesignfor Sweet Analytics. 26
11 / Navigation

We paid close attention to website navigation. Although the website itself is not that big and complex we tried to make sure that all the pages are logically divided and could be easily found.

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& Tablet
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Website redesignfor Sweet Analytics. 28
Website redesignfor Sweet Analytics. 29
12 / Colors & Typography

We added bright and colorful gradients as well as classic sans serif font which all together bring the branding into tthe design and make it more unique among competitors, and finally adds this «sweet» feeling.

Desktop, Mobile
& Tablet
Website redesignfor Sweet Analytics. 30
12 / Illustrations

After several rounds of finalising illustrations' descriptions, ideas and design we came up with 40+ unique illustration which perfectly represent the corresponding Sweet feature.

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& Tablet
Website redesignfor Sweet Analytics. 31