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A detailed analysis of the market and core UX problems arising in similar mobile applications has allowed us to create a digital product with a perfect market-fit.
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Style guide

Here we present a concept and stylistic solutions for an app user interface. Our goal has been to create a prominent digital experience with a particular aesthetic appeal for users.



Helvetica Neue by Google Fonts


Purple #4E50B8
Orange #F0916E
Gray #414464

Icon Set

We’ve designed a minimalist icon design that corresponds to a general style and intends to accomplish informative and navigational functions.

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UI Design

This screen is a starting point for an immersive mobile app user experience. It displays the user’s photo and personal information. You can also see photos of other recommended contacts at the top of a user interface.

User page

This screen provides more information about the user. Find here a place where you have met the last time, connect on social networks, and much more.


You can contact a user only after he or she accepts your request. If your request is rejected you will get a notification.

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People nearby

Swipex is a location-based mobile app that enables users to connect with people who are nearby on the go.

What are your interests?

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Search filters

Swipex allows you to apply custom filters, such as interests, age, or gender, and access only the most relevant user profiles. You can also search only for people who are nearby by switching to the map mode.

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You can connect, chat, make calls, assign meetings, and even make gifts – all in one convenient messenger provided in Swipex. Keep in mind that you can message a user only after he or she accepted your request.

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Other Screens

At each stage of the UI design process, we have fine-tuned and tweaked out all inconsistencies and created nearly 50 screens for a mobile app and 20 screens for a desktop version.

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We’ve created a web design that corresponds to the overall style of a mobile version.

Main page

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Chat page

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