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The old logo was sweet, but outdated and rather rough. So, we started brainstorming to capture the concept for its redesign, while maintaining its previous glare at the same time.



Core concepts

mobile data reach research development monetization marketing surveys















Survey Wizard

He represents the brand itself and makes a survey magic. He’s also kind, funny and somewhat amusing. We used his image to humanize the brand and show that the company cares for its users.

Girl Developer

She is the Wizard’s friend. She is brave, techy, and geeky. Her mission is to be a warrior in the anti-advertising wars. She has two images – casual and warrior. We used her image to explain the app’s features, to illustrate some technical topics, and to handle development related issues

Boy Researcher

He is the Wizard’s friend too. Smart, and cool professional. He has two images – casual and an archer in the anti-ad wars. We used his image in marketing and research related topics and in the communication with users.

Website UI/UX design

We have also designed the website with several pages describing the company goals and objectives and giving prospective users a hint on how TheoremReach can help them to monetize their work.

Profiler survey

When users get to TheoremReach for the first time, they should go through a short survey to describe their background in order to do only the most relevant surveys in future. After taking the profiler survey, users get to Campaigns page where they can choose surveys from a list and earn in-app currency.

Logo redesign

The old logo was sweet, but outdated and a bit rough. So we started a
brainstorm to discover, how to make it better without loosing the personality.


This is how it looks like when users get
to TheoremReach on their mobile phone

Developer dashboard

You can also view the developer dashboard where devs can monitor and analyze the revenue they got from their mobile applications.