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Before we start answering the question “How much does a website design cost”, let us provide you with several quick facts. First of all, it takes users somewhere around 50 milliseconds to understand if they like the website and decide if they want to stay. Even the most useful content won’t be able to impress a user within such a small amount of time, but a good design can save the situation.

Secondly, the first impressions of the website are 94% design-related. Content still matters, but first impressions are mostly related to design — sorry, but that rule saying something like “don’t judge a book by its cover” doesn’t work with websites. Thirdly, almost 90% of users are not likely to visit the website again if they had a bad experience when visiting it before.

You see, the statistics are just unbeatable — your website has to look good! Otherwise, your potential clients will go to your competitors, and your revenue will be extremely unimpressive. Unfortunately, a really good website can cost a lot. So check this article to learn everything about web design pricing!