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Review: 5- 5 5 Creative Design and Advertising Agencies Websites

Creative Design and Advertising Agencies Websites

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10 Feb 2024
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When you do creative advertising, clients expect you to wow them (except, maybe, on the invoicing day). And your website can do just that! Fill it to the brink with innovation and creativity, and your leads will be leaving their emails already excited and inspired by what you can do.

Your website is your only salesperson who works for you 24/7/365. So, make sure it sells your award-winning creativity, no matter what time of day it is.

What makes the best advertising agencies’ websites truly outstanding?

Any advertiser knows – it’s better to show than tell, and a picture is surely worth a thousand words in the creative advertising industry. Yet, when it comes to websites, pictures and texts won’t cut it. As people get online, they crave deeper and more unexpected turns. They crave virtual, augmented, and interactive.

Luckily, web designers and developers do not stop to come up with new digital design tools every day. Without further ado, let’s look at the ten brilliant examples we’ve picked for you, and take a leap into the inspiring abyss of creativity.

1. WeAreSocial


Creative Design and Advertising Agencies Websites 2

Just like their name implies, WeAreSocial’s website looks like the life of the party. Loud colors, hero videos, and popping memes all stand out on a sleek white background. And it’s not just sitting there; it’s moving, it’s interactive, it’s fun. Their social media game showcased right up front, along with real-world wins.

What we love: copy and microcopy on the site play around with the word Social endlessly, and yet it doesn’t get tiring.

2. Act Normal


Creative Design and Advertising Agencies Websites 3

Act Normal website tricks you into thinking it’s simple. Just four pages and the homepage is not even scrollable. Yet, do not let it fool you. The site explodes with the most whimsical, unexpected, and surreal elements as you start hovering. The gifs are everywhere, the agency founders get slapped across the face with a fish, and the loading screen flashes with doodles. This is a site to remember!

What we love: responsive favicon that turns into a call-to-action when you leave it for another tab.

3. Pentagram


Creative Design and Advertising Agencies Websites 4

Pentagram’s got that classy vibe, like a well-tailored suit. Their layout is all neat and grid-like, showing off their design cases. The colors change depending on the project, but it’s all about making the work shine. Click on something, and a whole world of details will open. Their front page is a feast for your eyes with a menu that’s got everything you need to know.

What we love: when you present works for NYC Ballet, MIT, UEFA, and Warner Bros., pure simplicity is the best framing for those.

4. the many


Creative Design and Advertising Agencies Websites 5

Here’s a website as vibrant and full of energy as a summer party. Bright colors, bold fonts, controversial copy, and gifs pop up when you hover over words—it’s all designed to pull you in. The main page hits you with what they do, their latest projects, and what they stand for. And getting around the site is a breeze, with everything neatly sorted.

What we love: interactive graphs with numbers and percentages for the money-counting folks from the buying committee, built into the “About” section.

5. Spiilka


Creative Design and Advertising Agencies Websites 6

Spiilka’s site is like that modern, sleek apartment everyone wants. It’s all clean lines, with a color pop here and there for drama. They focus on showing off their digital design know-how with sharp images and tight text. Plus, navigating the site is super straightforward, leading you right to their cool projects.

What we love: justify alignment and the same font (Inter) for every element on site.

6. MAIA Agency


Creative Design and Advertising Agencies Websites 7

First of all, MAIA’s website is mobile-first. No, really. It’s so mobile-first, that their desktop mimics a hand with a mobile screen. You are still shocked when BOOM! It’s the first chatbot-powered website. Yes, the whole website is one chatbot, and you get to choose your way through the services, case studies, and contacts from the variants provided.

What we love: for the first time, this website uses voice message testimonials. Easier to make than videos, and more trustworthy than text. Stealing this idea!

7. Fedoriv


Creative Design and Advertising Agencies Websites 8

Fedoriv’s website doesn’t just enter the room—it makes an entrance. Bold letters, bright colors, and a mix of designs that keep your eyes busy. It’s alive with motion and full of surprises like drag-and-drop design elements, or a 3D-viewer-powered team gallery. One of a kind, this website perfectly captures their out-of-the-box approach.

What we love: company services, case studies, and subdivisions are presented as drag-and-drop blocks. Try not to forget what you came for, as you play moving these around!

8. Eclipse


Creative Design and Advertising Agencies Websites 9

Eclipse’s website is like stepping into an entertainment parlor—you can almost smell popcorn. Dark rich tones set the stage for videos and interactive bits that pull you into their world. It’s all about showcasing their impressive, vibrant entertainment marketing campaigns with style. Don’t expect minimalism here.

What we love: is how the flamboyant and busy artworks are balanced with monochromatic site elements and subtle fonts.

9. Raw Materials


Creative Design and Advertising Agencies Websites 10

Raw Materials site is like walking into a minimalist art gallery where everything’s cool, but you’re not sure if you’re cool enough to be there. Navigation is a no-brainer, with straightforward scrolling and clear, to-the-point tabs. The journey through the sections is sprinkled with microinteractions, metaverse elements, and hover details that you’ve never seen before.

What we love: metaverse-style avatars of the founders. Does it smell like an upcoming trend to the team representation, or is it just us?

10. The Digital Panda


Creative Design and Advertising Agencies Websites 11

Imagine a website that’s like your favorite cartoon—colorful, fun, and full of surprises. The Digital Panda’s site is all about making you smile with quirky illustrations and animations that come to life as you scroll or hover. It’s easy to get around, and we love how even more cute unexpected details jump out at you on different pages.

What we love: their contact form is very likely the best-written contact form that is out there. You want to fill it in even if you have no creative project whatsoever.

How to create an advertising agency website?

Easy! We at Fireart Studio know exactly how. Our experts will help with every step from finding your strongest service proposal, to figuring out how to use your brand design elements, to defining tone of voice, to crafting the fun user experience and turning it into reality.

If you want to create a beautiful design for your creative design or advertising agency website, the examples above should provide you with plenty of inspiration. Each offers different creative ideas, so look at them to decide which elements to mix and match in your site.

Time is money! Why don’t we get in touch today and start making the perfect shop window for your outstanding creativity?

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