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The powers of digital illustration and motion design are equally impressive. Both of them work as influential customer decision-drivers and brand image-creators when it comes to interaction with a company in the digital space. The modern marketing landscape is crowded with tones of annoying ads with a quite straightforward and repeatable design. The online audience is thirsty for fresh air in what they see and interacts with.

Today, we’d like to talk about how you can boost your online business using digital illustration trends and motion design. While considering some digital marketing practices, we will also uncover how digital art illustration and the latest digital marketing hacks can affect your customer minds and psyche, creating a positive brand image and doing it really unobtrusively. Fasten your belts because we start a short but exciting drive throughout the jungle of digital art and the latest digital marketing hacks.

Some Impressive Data

Here is some statistics that will reveal the power of digital illustration and animation in for your marketing:

  • According to molecular biologist John Medina, vision is our most dominant sense, taking up half of our brain’s resources. (Brain Rules)
  • When people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later. (Brain Rules)
  • 70% of companies invest in content marketing, which could include visual marketing strategies. (HubSpot)
  • Animated walkthroughs are much more engaging than a static one (since animation is excellent at grabbing attention). (Shopify)
  • Including video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%. (Dream Grow)

Are you still thinking about whether to invest or not in creating branded digital illustrations and animated videos? Let’s take a deeper look at how digital art can bring benefits to your business.

The Emotional Appeal to Customers

Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov

We love beautiful things. That’s simple, like 123. But, what if to try to maximize the beauty of your digital presence with astonishing digital illustrations and motion graphics? It must have an even more amazing effect on your marketing, right?

Humans are humans. They experience a whole palette of emotions. When interacting with a beautiful illustration on the company’s website or social media, we often feel more loyal to a brand. Why does it happen? Because digital illustration has the power to instill positive associations with a brand and stick these images to specific pleasant emotions. While pictures may be forgettable, strong emotions (both positive and negative) aren’t.

If we see the image and feel specific positive vibes, we will surely recognize it among thousands of others. We get a dose of fun and pleasure when looking at a masterful illustration or motion graphics and we willingly share it with our friends on social media.

Illustration by DAN Gartman

It’s what we call the emotional appeal. While people are enjoying your digital illustrations, they start perceiving them as attributes of your brand. They associate these digital illustration styles with your company and its products or services.

So, the first step to creating a perfect illustration for your brand is to formulate what feelings, concepts, and ideas you want to encode in the image and share your vision with a digital artist. The illustration should reflect the inner world of your brand and its customers, including conceptions, values, and interests.

The desirable effect is when people see your brand name, they should start feeling a recognizable specter of positive feelings, which they are used to experience when seeing eye-catching illustrations accompanying your company everywhere on the web. It significantly contributes to a positive brand image.

The Brand Voice Empowerment & Increased Brand Awareness

Moreover, digital illustrations (as well as its sibling, motion graphics) are a perfect way to empower your brand image. You can design eye-catching and memorable heroes that can become mascots in the future. They introduce a brand and interact with users during a whole customer journey. For example, you can apply them to create an engaging user onboarding experience in a mobile app or website. You can also use them during the checkout process, at the “Contact Us” page, or when making announcements on your social media profile. Mascots can become a part of your branding.

Illustration in App User Onboarding by Valeria Rimkevich for Fireart Studio

Now, imagine that you can breathe life into these flat images. Animated logos, animated mascots, GIFs, onboarding animation, animated explainer videos, and more – these are miracles created thanks to the fast evolution in motion design. You can even use the same brand color palette for your illustrations to emphasize your company’s unique style. It will help you raise brand awareness and recognition.