Customer-Centric Company: Key Features & Examples 3 Customer-Centric Company: Key Features & Examples
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Customer-Centric Company: Key Features & Examples

5 January
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Customer-Centric Company: Key Features & Examples 4

Alongside product-centricity, many companies may dwell on and practice the customer-oriented approach in building their products & catering their services. Let’s check on the customer-centric company key features and peculiarities, examples, and so much more.

Customer-Centric Company: Key Features & Examples 5
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So, in this post, we’ll explain:

  • What is Customer-Centricity?
  • What company is usually called Customer-Centric?
  • Customer-Centricity Model
  • Customer-Centricity Challenges
  • Top Customer-Centric Companies

What is Customer-Centricity?

Gartner admits that customer-centricity is the culture based on the ability of people in an organization to understand all the customers’ situations, expectations, perceptions, and fears, etc. This means that you put the customer at the center of everything you do, not the product. And all your products, digital and real-life experiences, and customer services are all deliberately made to provide a great experience and improve it consistently, adding value.

What is a Customer-Centric Company?

Customer centric or client-centric companies are organizations with a strategy and a culture of doing some business which primarily focuses on making and providing  the top-notch experience for the customers, and by doing it this way build a better  brand loyalty. Client-centric businesses tend to ensure that the customers are at the core of a business’s policy, philosophy, operations, or ideas.

Customer-Centricity Models

The importance of customer centricity lays in the fact that you use it to create loyalty. You may do it in a way as described below. Here’s what a customer-centric model may look like:

Customer-Centric Company: Key Features & Examples 6
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However, more customer experience companies rely on the model with a client-centric approach as a five-pronged one, offering to think of the model as a building like that to add value:

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Challenges of Customer-Centric Companies

In order to stay customer-oriented, establish and maintain high-quality communication with consumers, it is necessary to adhere to the basic principles of customer focus. Here you may also come across certain challenges. Let’s revise them.

Work performance

Diligent performance of work for the clients will definitely make them contact you again and advise the company where the employees do their job conscientiously, carefully and thoroughly. The client who was satisfied with the cooperation will become a regular customer. Such a person will not look for where to buy a similar product or service cheaper. And they are willing to overpay (within reason) no matter the product costs to get great service, turning into loyal.

Customer problems & needs acknowledgment

The knowledge of the real pains is the key. Studying your target audience, regular marketing research helps to find out the preferences of customers. The interests of buyers should shape brand policy. To find out what the customer wants, how satisfied they are with the level of service, asking questions and tracking feedback will be the must.

Corporate culture growths

Constant work on corporate culture is a hard job. The client must receive quality service at all stages of interaction with the company. An ill-mannered sales manager can spoil the impression even of the best product. Employees of a customer-oriented company must form a customer centric mindset and share the company’s values, constantly improve their skills and innovate to improve the level of services they provide.

Establishing long-term relationships

Communication with the audience should not end at the moment of making a purchase or closing a deal. Customer-oriented companies use loyalty programs, use mailing lists to provide individually tailored special offers and discounts, and publish useful content on their blog and social networks all the time making it their religion.

Studying the customer journey maps

In order to create a customer-centric business, you need to look at the buying process through the eyes of your customers. This will eliminate all inconvenient moments and help to understand at what stage users experience difficulties. The information what the client needs should be understandable and accessible. It is important that the company identifies the client at different stages of cooperation, and they do not have to explain who they are and what they want, you should already know that.

Anticipation of customer desires

An entrepreneur who knows the customers well can offer them the right product and service, surprise and please them. Product centric companies foresee them. Positive emotions from cooperation with such a company will make a new customer loyal and help increase profits in no time.

Top Customer-Centric Companies

Among the world widely known organisations, there are many customer focused companies. The most outstanding examples of customer centricity today:

  • Starbucks,
  • Nordstrom,
  • Hilton,
  • Amazon
  • Zappos
  • Tesla,
  • Netflix, etc.

Focused on its core base of good customers, Netflix is becoming a leading example of how to grow a business strategy with customer knowledge, an essential requirement for its long-term success.

Both Amazon and Zappos are also the brightest prime examples of brands where they know what customer centric marketing is and they are customer-centric due to the fact that they have spent years creating a culture around the customer and their needs.

Other brands have created the blueprint for customer experience. Their customer centric approach includes loyalty, improved customer relationship management (CRM), and shapes customer expectations for brand interactions. In 2023, all companies need to take a radically customer centric approach changing their customer centricity model.


Customer centric organization structure is the best form to interact with the user and stay customer-focused. The importance of incorporating customer centricity into your business processes is undeniable if you produce services or products that are sold better putting the customer at the core of the process. The greatest examples of customer centricity include improved customer centric approach, loyalty, awesome customer relationship management, etc. Dwell on them and practice the customer centric service in your 2023 projects, building your products & catering your services to the users with the top-notch quality. Feel free to ask for your company digitalization help or IT consulting from us asap.


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