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Our today is limited with so many rules, especially due to the recent Coronavirus lockdown we have been forced to experience. The soul is thirsty for more dynamics, brightness, and beauty. To reinforce the inner engine of creativity, we sometimes need a pinch of inspiration from other creative geeks who are still working hard to produce new original styles and fresh aesthetics for the modern digital world. 

To empower designers, illustrators, and other cool creative professionals, we have collected the most prominent graphic design trends that are breaking the rules in 2020. Moving away from the traditional and closer to innovative, we’re welcoming you to the garden with the blossoming digital trends.

The Beauty in Brutalism

Design by Giga Tamarashvili

The new decade unlocks myriads of incompatible combinations and immersive designs, united into one stylistic family brutalism. Mark Alan Andre, a famous architectural designer said it once about brutalism in architecture, but it perfectly describes the essence of the concept in digital design too:

“I’m drawn to brutalism because of its simplicity and honesty to its materials. It’s a very “pure” form of architecture when it’s done well.”

This style is about brutal honesty without excessive decorations. It is characterized by deliberate plainness, crudity, or violence of the imagery. It is almost screaming about breaking the traditional rules. 

Brutalism doesn’t align with a classical understanding of composition or color aesthetics in graphic design. It adds more sharp edges, unexpected views, dynamics, and bold colors. This style intentionally attempts to look raw, haphazard, or unadorned. It can satisfy the aesthetic tastes of the most outrageous, brave, and ambitious graphic design gourmets. Below, you can enjoy a few brutalist designs, which we have found to be particularly beautiful.

Design by Eugene Paryhin for Fireart Studio
Design by Okalpha

Cyberpunk Renaissance

“Science fiction is reality ahead of schedule.” – Syd Mead, Blade Runner concept designer

Animation by META on Behance

We can describe cyberpunk with nearly the same words since it’s a sci-fi sub-genre. It’s not easy to give a precise definition of cyberpunk. This concept rooted in the new wave science fiction movement of the 1960s and 1970s and spanned film, fashion, and design industries. It is both a style in digital design and a massive culture. Cyberpunk features advanced science and technology in the future urban world. When you think of cyberpunk, you usually envision incredibly high skyscrapers, shimmering neon lights, futuristic color palette, and dystopian backdrops.

This style has become slightly kitsch in the digital design on the edge of millennials, but in 2020, it has gained a second life. Take your sunglasses and enjoy the dazzling and breathtaking blast from the past in the cyberpunk design examples provided below.

Illustration by Yulliia Dobrokhod
Design by Romain Trystram