Fireart Studio Redesign Case 2023: Parents Project Fireart Studio Redesign Case 2023: Parents Project
Review: 5- 5 5 Fireart Studio Redesign Case 2023: Parents Project

Fireart Studio Redesign Case 2023: Parents Project

10 Jan 2023
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Fireart Studio, an award-winning ui ux design studio, and product development agency, starts a new 2023 with the release of its first design case. An app called Parents is a resource of professional knowledge about parenting, accessible 24/7, and within reach of a hand. Acknowledging parents’ life and the difficulties of their commitments to long courses was a cornerstone for creating the redesign for Parents project.


Fireart Studio Redesign Case 2023: Parents Project
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This time, among the app problems to solve, was the absence of a clearly defined concept and visual system and the overall inconsistency in the previous app design, which resulted in the lack of emotional connection and the brand’s premium quality content, which were not less important than functionality.

So, the critical tasks and challenges for the team were to brief the client, bring clarity to UI, restore clear and awesome UX in the app, make it look excellent and self-promotive, and fix the design system to keep the app consistent.

App shots
App shots

‘Personality of the Parents app has the characteristics that are worthy parent needs: friendly, human, practical, smart & trusted’ – admits the designers’ team.

To achieve the goal, and transform a purely functional app into an engaging brand, the team defined what the brand was all about, its positioning, developed a logo design, picked a colour palette & typography, as well as illustrations to include into a new brand application.

‘With the main colors & fonts, we wanted to convey the energetic, approachable, yet trustworthy nature of the brand.” – goes on the team.

Some of the Parents outdoor ads
Some of the Parents outdoor ads

The project’s scope also included a thorough design research phase, delivery, illustration creation, development, and quality assurance. To better understand the users, designers conducted a study and gathered user personas before starting the product design phase.

They also compiled a complete user flow structure to keep of the users and their interactions with the product. Wireframe prototypes were sketched and the design system was deliberately created to ensure intuitive UI/UX with all the necessary components included.

Parents App
Parents App

Besides, onboarding and sign-up processes were nailed up to make it easy and clean for both children and their parents. Parents who join the parenting program grow and evolve together with their kids. An equivalent website solution was also designed for the ultimate usage comfort and accessibility.

As a result, the design that makes users feel reliable to test and define the final version was successfully created.

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