Fireart Releases a B2B Platform Branding Case Fireart Releases a B2B Platform Branding Case
Review: 5- 5 5 Fireart Releases a B2B Platform Branding Case

Fireart Releases a B2B Platform Branding Case

21 Aug 2023
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Fireart Studio, the best renowned as an award-winning UX/UI design and product development company, releases its next case. This time the client is a promising B2B platform on a mission to automate the contact centers.

Fireart Releases a B2B Platform Branding Case

About the Project

Replicant is a B2B platform on a mission to automate the contact centers, which solves tier-one customer issues by engaging in natural conversations across different voice and messaging platforms by using custom-built conversational AI. Replicant helps contact centers manage unpredictable call volumes, eliminate waiting time and increase customer satisfaction, while empowering agents to focus on more complex issues.

Thus, Replicant can resolve issues in any language and dialect over whichever medium the customers prefer with seamless channel switching across voice, messaging, and other digital channels.

Some of the project looks
Some of the project looks

The client came to Fireart with an existing branding, but it was generic, inconsistent, and failed to reflect the innovativeness of the product. Yet, being a relatively small and young company whose primary audience were enterprises, a strong brand was especially important to win them over. Thus, the improvement task was entrusted to the Fireart branding and strategy team who immediately managed to come up with the range of professional solutions.

The new brand identity was based on 2 key insights. First, the team had to discover that the Replicants’ brand essence was conversational design, which fuses logic and emotion with science, art, humanity, and technology. Thus, the polar — warm and cold hues, crisp and rounded shapes, and realistic and abstract photography styles — were the focus of the new visual language.

Replicant app
Replicant app

Second, Replicant offered a full ecosystem that operates and learns on its own, unlike rivals that only offered a single component of contact center automation. As a result, users could perceive movement, fluidity, and shapes that come together to form larger structures. These components worked together to create an authentic identity that stands out in the market and presents the company as forward-thinking and reliable.

‘Old project, new case study, same amount of love.’- admits the team about the project

Some Replicant outdoor advertising samples

No wonder, Fireat has been long renowned for their passion to beautiful and highly functional design ideas.

Previously, they have successfully introduced a brand-new platform for luggage repair, demonstrating superb design and development of a user-friendly chat-based interface enabling consumers to claim damaged luggage in just a few clicks, as well as introduced a new Fitness App design & development case to the world and so many others.

About Us:

Fireart Studio is a reputable UX/UI design company with years of expertise, both in Poland and abroad. The team has been working on product design and development for over ten years and consistently displays their outstanding accomplishments in software design services. They contribute to creating stunning and incredibly useful designs that enable small businesses, enterprise clients, and individuals to succeed in the marketplace.

With over 80 highly qualified employees and years of industry knowledge, Fireart Studio has already had the honor of assisting the most ambitious startups and large, international corporations like Google, Atlassian, Huawei, Swisscom, Swiss Fin Lab, business newcomers, and many more. Contact the team whenever you require professional design assistance.

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