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So! You need an animated video for your business. But you might be confused about differences in prices, and “why does this simple character rotation take so long to make?” or “why can’t we just change the camera angle on this shot?”. Don’t worry, this article is going to make it clear for you, and after reading it, you will know the secrets behind the animation magic.


Our basic process of creating animated videos is pretty stable:

Script -> Storyboard -> Illustrations -> Animation -> Sound Design

In this chapter, we are going to go through all of them.

Script. This is the thing which is going to be read by the voice actor. On this step we don’t think about “What should we show”, we think about “What should we say”. It’s about the message that you want to send to your audience, and it should be solid and clear.

Storyboard. The most important step. On this step, we think about “What should we show” to the audience. This is basically a very rough comic book, where we think about all the visuals and directing stuff, like camera angles, transitions, etc. And the great thing about this step is that it takes little time to input any changes here. 

Here is the example of the storyboard and finalized video. As you can notice, all the decisions were already made during storyboarding:


Illustration. During this step, we think about colors, shapes and overall design of the video. Usually, before finalizing illustrations, we do sketches for clients to approve. The complexity of illustrations affects the required time and budget. For example here is the simple illustration (simple shapes, simple colors):

And here is the complicated one (not only shapes and colors are complex, but there are also a bunch of textures):

Animation. This is where we bring everything to life. Next chapters in this guide will describe this step in details.

Sound Design. Here we add music and sounds.