TOP 10 UX/UI Mobile Design Patterns Libraries TOP 10 UX/UI Mobile Design Patterns Libraries
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TOP 10 UX/UI Mobile Design Patterns Libraries

22 Jan 2018
11 min read

Mobile usage has started to surpass desktop usage starting 2015. This just shows that there is a higher chance of generating traffic with mobile users. To take advantage of this information, it is highly recommended for a startup business to build their own mobile presence as soon as possible. Imagine the missed marketing opportunities every minute your brand is not available for mobile viewing.

Having your own website is already a good start; however, it is not enough, especially if it was specifically designed for a desktop. It will be difficult for visitors to view and navigate through your website on a significantly smaller screen. You can expect visitors to instantly stray away and might never look back. That is why it crucial to incorporate a responsive website, which gives an impression that you are concerned about your interface and its function. This will leave your visitors pleased with the experience, with the potential to make future transactions.

It is important to remember that responsiveness alone cannot guarantee your mobile success. In fact, a website is not enough to keep in touch with potential clients and partner. This way, you can create a more personal connection to your clients by giving them regular updates, exclusive feature, and easily accessible accounts.

To seal your success, you should not forget to add the most important element: effective mobile user experience design. A responsive website or a mobile application will fall flat without the instant visual and design appeal. If you are clueless on where to begin, here is a list of the UI design pattern libraries that can help you get started.


TOP 10 UX/UI Mobile Design Patterns Libraries 2

Their user interface pattern libraries are probably one of the largest around the web. There will be a lot of inspiration for you to gain ideas for your future project. This can be seen on their long list of categories easily accessible on the left side of their page. The good news is that Pttrns have options available for both Android and iOS platforms since it is vital to patronize both Android phone and iPhone users. You will definitely find a mobile design pattern that satisfies your taste and your audiences requests as their UI pattern library has thousands of perfect solutions.

Their library also offers a timeline, meaning you can get an idea of the different mobile app development trends throughout the years. You will have a chance to study changes in the mobile UI design patterns through the years and notice some trends for your application.

The only downside for those who wish to browse through their entire collection is that it is not free. However, they offer full access at an affordable and reasonable price. The subscription cost that allows you to have access to their full UI pattern library starts from $4.99/month.

Cocoa Controls

TOP 10 UX/UI Mobile Design Patterns Libraries 3


This website does not solely specialize in providing mobile app design patterns, but it also gives you access to the raw source files. Cocoa Control’s UI pattern library has more than 6,000 open source UI components for all the platforms. Having the source codes will be a big benefit to the application developers since they will have a reference to follow. In addition, you can also sort the results according to the programming language you will use. They also have options available for multiple dedicated android app developer platforms, such as iOS and watchOS.

While the source codes are useful for your custom design, it might not be beginner-friendly. What you can do is to take note of the design or wireframe you liked and then communicate with a developer on how you can make it happen. It will be much easier to navigate through this mobile design pattern library with the developer’s help.

Inspired UI

TOP 10 UX/UI Mobile Design Patterns Libraries 4

Are you looking for an inspiration to make your UX design for a mobile app or a responsive website look like it can provide a professional business solution? Then Inspired UI is the website for you. Their libraries focus on the sleek side of design, navigation, and function, which is perfect for a more professional approach. There are a lot of design ideas and categories to choose from, both for Android and iOS users. The website does not offer a ready-to-use UX patterns library but gives you the inspiration to get started.

They have outstanding UX design patterns to drive up your creativity. You will be able to see different pages from one app or website, giving you a visual of how to make everything work together as one. However, they do not provide animations that show how everything could work out. Examples are GIFs that will show how transitions, tools, and buttons function when there’s an interaction. Despite this, the website is still sure to deliver outstanding UX patterns.


TOP 10 UX/UI Mobile Design Patterns Libraries 5

Currently, you cannot access the actual website for Capptivate; however, that does not mean you cannot access their mobile UX design patterns libraries. It is a good thing that someone took the time to retrieve every content from the site, and that just shows how important the website was for developers. Before the website went down, it had a lot of ideas to share. You can expect to see collections of page screenshots and animation videos, which is rarely seen on other libraries. This UX design pattern library is a valuable source to make research for your future mobile application.

The obvious setback for this is that it will not have updated content since these are just remnants of a website. However, it is still quite helpful for those searching for creative ideas.

UI Parade

TOP 10 UX/UI Mobile Design Patterns Libraries 6

You will be immediately welcomed by a minimalistic and clean website interface, and it can already give you an impression that their mobile app UX design library has some great selections. Their library is making use of animation as its thumbnails, letting the browsers know what that inspiration will look like and respond when used. It is also noteworthy that they offer ideas for icons, which are useful if you wish to have a fully custom interface. They also offer a lot of ideas that can be great for apps or websites that focus on e-commerce or money matters. Now you can have a business app that can look sleek yet fun at the same time. Their mobile UX patterns are sophisticated and will be a great upgrade for your business.

However, if you are looking for galleries that offer a 360-degree look at the examples given, then it might not be for you. They only offer ideas for specific tools and content. But it is still an awesome pattern library of UX designs to use as a reference for tips and inspiration.

Little Big Details

TOP 10 UX/UI Mobile Design Patterns Libraries 7

Every little detail matters when it comes to mobile app UX design. For example, those little loading circles can be easily noticed with a smaller screen. Another example is a change in the background or an image whenever an action has been completed. If you wish to pay attention to the tiniest of details, then this website is for you. They have a huge collection of tiny details from websites that can prove useful for your own. This UX design pattern library is the best source to upgrade your application.

But that’s it for this website because they don’t offer ideas other than the little details. However, you can still get unique ideas that can encourage you to come up with your own little details.

Android Niceties

TOP 10 UX/UI Mobile Design Patterns Libraries 8

As the title suggests, this website is dedicated to the Android platform; however, that should not stop iOS developers from checking it out. The page offers a lot of ideas for UX designs, wireframe, and interface. They also provide the readers with the links to the apps they mentioned in their posts, which is good if you want to get the feel of its interface personally.

What this website lacks is the ease of navigation. It does not have a list or a button for categories, instead, you’ll have to mind the tags in order to reach similar posts. In any case, do not ignore this great library of mobile application design patterns as it will present you with some unique ideas.

iOS Patterns

TOP 10 UX/UI Mobile Design Patterns Libraries 9

Expect to see contents exclusive to the iOS platform. They provide a good selection of design ideas by sharing screenshots of various mobile apps. The screenshots also have a label below to give the readers an idea of the app’s navigational map. It is also easy to search for what you are interested in since they are all listed in an obvious place.

What this website could do is to add more selections to their libraries to improve their services and for a wider collection to start. Their UI pattern library may not be perfect, but one can find it helpful for one’s own drafts.

Lovely UI

TOP 10 UX/UI Mobile Design Patterns Libraries 10

The website offers a wide collection of mobile app designs for both Android and iOS platform. But not just any design, they offer the ones that follow what’s hot and the most sought-after ones. Examples of trends they feature are the bold fonts, geometric typography, and minimalistic approach. All of these are arranged into categories, making easy navigation and research possible. Their mobile UI design patterns gallery is perfect for both new designers and skilled professionals.

The only problem for this is that they haven’t updated their content for almost a year now. Despite their inactivity, their library still remains relevant to today’s demands. We just hope that they will update their UI pattern library in the nearest future.

UX Archive

TOP 10 UX/UI Mobile Design Patterns Libraries 11

Last but definitely not the least, the mobile UX design pattern libraries of UX Archive. Their categories are arranged according to the type of tasks you want to be done and included in your mobile app or website. For example, you wish to add booking as a part of your navigation. It will narrow the contents based on this option, and you will see a lot of examples to use as a reference. They display the best UX patterns gathered from successful brands, showing how the elements contributed to that brand’s mobile success.

If you wish to be more familiar with the difference of interfaces after each iOS updates, they have a section dedicated to that. UX Archive’s UX design pattern library is an incredible source for inspiration and research.

You can track down all the changes of the biggest apps with this UX design pattern library. The website also offers to view the app or website’s previous design versions, so that you will be able to tell how much they improved, what they did to achieve it, and if it did the help brand.

We hope it was a refreshing tour across the best pattern libraries. After scrolling through these websites, you must have already formulated this one ideal vision of your mobile success. Make sure to keep it user-friendly, easily accessible, and updated to impress potential clients and subscribers. The next step is to find designers that will turn your visions into reality. Choose the mobile design pattern for your taste, and opt for those who understand what your mobile application needs to succeed and always make sure to exceed expectations. Luckily, you are already here with us – Fireart Studio. Why not go ahead and check out what we can do for you.

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