10 Trends In Software Development 2023 10 Trends In Software Development 2023
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10 Trends In Software Development 2023

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20 Feb 2021
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In this article, we are considering current trends in software development. The industry has much evolved in recent years. So, we have decided to provide a full overview of these changes to keep you timely updated.

Technology continually evolves, and we can see the rise of new software development trends. They come and go. However, some of them define the online landscape and future for the near years and even decades. So, awareness of the most popular software development trends 2022 is essential not only for developers but also for e-business owners who want to keep up with digital innovations. Why is it so important? It allows businesses to outperform competitors, offer a better online experience to their customers, convert more online sales, and, as a result, dominate the industry.

We have compiled this list to help you keep abreast of the latest software development trends and assist you in optimizing your online business presence for the best performance. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at them.

The Rise of The Internet of Things (IoT)

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We could have said, “The world is connected” before. However, today, it’s getting even more connected thanks to the continually growing demand for intelligent devices and voice-controlled technology. The Internet of Things quickly expands, creating a significant influence on the software development industry. 

The Internet of Things has immense potential since it automatically collects data from various smart detectors, sensors, and devices and sets real-time analytics and monitoring. There are some concerns regarding the cyberattacks that may cause real-time data breaches. However, many experts say that Blockchain security measures can help protect this innovation from possible malicious attacks.

Cybersecurity as The Key Consideration

The rise of technology and innovations also means the growing number of risks and online dangers, since many online malefactors have access to these technologies too, unfortunately. That’s why more and more companies across different industries prioritize data protection and work on creating new security measures. The importance of cybersecurity is so fast-growing, and it’s shaped into an entire software industry trend. 

The idea of cybersecurity is predicted to penetrate today’s enterprise software development, as companies care a lot about their corporate and commercial data protection. Also, cybersecurity will become the key to online user wellbeing. We expect to see the quick evolution of security innovations such as facial recognition, fingerprint technology, and other biometrics types.

Progressive Web Apps Are Still In Trend

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Native applications are supposed to be better since they provide the so-called native performance to users. They are fast, responsive, and user-friendly. However, creating separate native applications for Android and iOS devices can be quite costly. Plus, you should also consider the tech maintenance costs for every application. It’s where progressive web apps deploy their power and importance.

Progressive web applications (PWAs) are intended for web performance. However, they provide a user experience partially similar to mobile native applications. PWAs are speedy, secure, and responsive. There is no need to look for them in the App Store as users can easily find them on the web. PWAs support push notifications and are always up-to-date.

Blockchain in Enterprise Software

Businesses and governments actively explore Blockchain opportunities since it’s considered one of the securest software development technologies. Blockchain is expected to gain momentum in 2022. Blockchain is a peer-to-peer network that provides decentralization, greater transparency, enhanced flexibility, advanced cybersecurity features, and a distributed ledger. 

Blockchain can add significant value to a range of industries such as supply chain management, identity management, and advanced analytics. Also, Blockchain allows entrepreneurs to develop decentralized applications that may disrupt the existing business models.

Low-Code Development Simplifies The Process

Low-code development is a comparatively new trend in software that has risen in recent years. Usually, companies use it to maximize software development efficiency and minimize hand-coding efforts at the same time. Low-code development implies leveraging platforms that allow creating flowcharts that display business logic. These platforms generate code used to implement this business logic later. 

Companies can considerably speed up digital transformation by using low-code development platforms. Also, they help reduce the back-log of many IT projects. Another essential advantage of low-code development is that you can create a simple code without searching for professionals that are usually challenging to hire.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Opens New Opportunities

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Artificial intelligence is an area of computer science that is now quickly evolving in different branches and industries. Its initial purpose was to teach machines to perform tasks that only the human could do earlier. It’s all about the automation of processes and operations, as well as higher accuracy and transparency. 

Actually, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a multi-disciplinary software development technology. Human intelligence can now be empowered by artificial intelligence, providing more opportunities for machine learning and more natural human-technology interactions. AI has different fields and aspects, such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, vision, speech processing, etc. 

Artificial intelligence amplifies the opportunities of many industries, including digital banking and fintech, medical services, education, supply chain management, and others. AI finds its place in literally every business area. For example, predictive maintenance empowered by artificial intelligence can improve operational performance in the manufacturing industry. Efficient and scalable patient data processing can make the quality of healthcare services much higher. 

The Increasing Popularity of Cloud Services

Cloud computing is one of the most prospective software development areas today. Cloud services have gained even more immense popularity among enterprises. This technology allows organizations to build a more robust environment and more efficient online collaboration with a team and clients. Cloud services provide access to different team members to the information placed in one place securely. 

Even innovations such as Blockchain and IoT work as cloud administration. The market is moving towards working on a cloud basis rather than using physical information servers. Businesses should watch the latest trends in software development to keep up with innovations and adjust their online presence to them. 

Mixed Reality: A Powerful Combination of AR and VR

Mixed reality is a combination of augmented reality and virtual reality. Many experts say that this technology has a bright future in enterprise app development. The main peculiarity of the augmented reality is integrating virtual content into the realistic context. At the same time, virtual reality means creating entirely virtual content. These two technologies make up a powerful mix that can create a more immersive online experience for users. 

Companies in areas such as defense, gaming, architecture, tourism, and construction have already started incorporating this technology to see its big value for their business.

Code Quality Is Actual as Before

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With the advent of new technologies in software development, companies have got the opportunity to develop a code of lower complexity. Therefore, the number of bugs has significantly decreased as well. However, the importance of high-quality code is never underestimated. Quality matters a lot since it’s one of the most critical factors affecting the product user experience. Code quality has various aspects such as maintainability, sustainability, reliability, robustness, consistency, readability, etc. 

Software Outsourcing

Nowadays, more and more companies prefer software using software outsourcing services rather than building their internal software teams. They find it more cost-efficient and productive. The external outsourcing teams usually have diverse expertise and professionals in different areas of software development. It’s more comfortable for the clients to involve the developer from the outsource team into the project than hiring it or collaborating with a freelancer. 

Companies commonly provide a kind of guarantee for their services quality, as they care about their online reputation. In comparison, many freelancers may have a beautiful portfolio, but the client feedback might say something different about their work quality or hide negative feedback. To find the right professional is way more challenging than a team. That’s why outsourcing has become one of the most popular software engineering trends.

Wrapping Up

The software development industry is fast-evolving, quickly changing, and transforming. It constantly generates new trends and technologies software. To keep up with industry innovations is essential for all online businesses as it gives them the potential to provide a better customer experience in the online world and outshine competitors in the digital landscape. The better and more responsive online experience the company provides, the more chances it has to become the industry leader. 

In order to keep you updated with the latest software development insights, we at Fireart Studio have created this brief industry overview. Here we have provided a quick explanation of the 10 most popular software trends such as the Internet of Things, cybersecurity, progressive web apps, blockchain, low-code development, artificial intelligence, cloud services, mixed reality, code quality and software outsourcing. We hope it was helpful and will inspire you to incorporate some of these innovations into your business

Do you have more questions about software development? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at [email protected]! We are always happy to help.

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