8 Useful Web Design Statistics in 2023 8 Useful Web Design Statistics in 2023
Review: 5- 5 5 8 Useful Web Design Statistics in 2023

8 Useful Web Design Statistics in 2023

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24 May 2022
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Understanding what drives today’s web designers create great web design services, what they do, love to do, their most significant pain points, how they attract new customers, which design trends they apply, etc., is sometimes worth looking through useful website statistics from a website design and development company.

Useful Web Design Statistics in 2022
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‘46% of web designers say their biggest challenge is finding new clients, making it the most frequently cited issue. They also struggle with profitability and pricing (24%).’

Why is web design important?

Statistics also may give you a hint that shows how and why web design is essential. A well-designed website may help you form a good impression on your prospective customer in business. It provides you with the means to nurture your leads and get more conversions from the traffic. But, more importantly, it may give a good user experience to help the website visitors access and navigate your website with the ultimate ease. Explore the world of SaaS website design with us, where every pixel is crafted to engage, inspire, and convert.

So, we may define the two most important reasons here: the first impression establishing the contact and great UX and responsiveness for catering to the users’ needs to the utmost.

Issues related to meeting industry standards (10%), time management (8%), and difficult clients (7%) are less frequently mentioned, while only a few of  respondents claim  that managing a team (2%) is the most painful part of their job.’

First impression

A first impression is based on the things a user can immediately take in. While things like FAQ, testimonials, reviews, and high-quality blog content contribute to the credibility of a website, to direct the users’ eyes, you’d better apply an introductory video or a demo when you will only have some seconds to make a great first impression. So, the faster they get some information they need to know, the better it’s for your UX.

‘Over a third of web designers (34%) say that acquiring new clients is their least favorite part of the job and what they really dislike. 24% really don’t like to manage the business side of their job.’

Responsive design

How do consumers browse the Internet? ‘71% of respondents tell they mostly browse the “old-fashioned” way – on the computer. 24% browse most of the time on mobile devices, and 5% on tablets.’ That’s where responsiveness comes into the forefront.

‘Responsive web design is a web development approach that creates dynamic changes to the appearance of a website,and its speed, depending on the screen size and orientation of the device being used to view it. So, every visitor will be delighted with the website used no matter the device.’Webdesignrankings

We’ve been surprised by how much desktop computing is still supreme in the age of mobile browsing. That being said, almost 29% of users may say that they primarily view pages on mobile devices or tablets. As we all probably know, the golden rule here is to make sure the websites are responsive by delivering outstanding, consistent websites across ALL devices.

Web firms customers with data

Data-driven design companies have an advantage over non-data-driven because gathering web design statistics helps improve both the first impression and overall performance, improve responsiveness quality, and impact other factors that will help you develop your business.

Besides, what’s most important is to find out what consumers appreciate about your websites and what they don’t. How they will browse, how long they will wait for the website to load, and many other cool ideas.

‘63% of web designers have used content marketing and organic SEO as a tool to attract new customers. Of these designers, about 52% consider it an effective channel.’

And that’s in addition to many other ways to gather the data and measure success for the future prospect.

Web Design Trends

‘Over 60% of web designers claim to update their clients’ websites monthly (30%), bimonthly (11%) or quarterly (21%).’

That’s also a trend among the web firms customers’ data, because your website may cost you your clients. Among these web design trends to expect in 2022, you will also find the following:

1.     Scrollytelling

Interactive scroll-based storytelling still works. Such scrollytelling may be achieved by means of still photography, motion design, illustration, adding other graphic elements or animated video and can be enhanced with graphics, music, voice, and other audio.

2.     Horizontal Scrolling

Horizontal scrolling is a webpage navigation method where the user scrolls left and right to reveal various content from the sides of the window or container. Try it to improve the user experience by navigation updates or shopper UX for the ultimate convenience in making purchases, etc.

3.     Brutalist Typography

Brutalism is quite an original approach, and you should be careful with applying it to particular projects. Its characteristic trait is a raw, unpolished look, clashing colors, non-traditional layouts, etc. While the rest of the design world seems to be striving for fancy fonts, pleasing palletes, and perfect placement or minimalism, brutalism designers go against it.

4.     Typography Animation / Kinetic Typography

If you’re new to this term, it means animated text on a website. Kinetic typography is an animation technique that uses moving texts to capture attention, set a tone, and entertain. It seems to be applied everywhere, from commercials, mobile apps, websites, music videos, etc. You may use it to make the message more impactful and add an element of artistry.

5.     Nostalgia

‘Designers can use nostalgia to appeal to their audience on a feel-good level. By tapping into people’s desire to feel a sense of belonging, meaning, and security, designers can endow their creations with emotion and sentimentality that connects with their audience and elicits a pleasurable feeling.’ – Canva

More than reasonable, right?

6.     Off-grid

Just like off-the-grid design in architecture, which is about using characteristics of buildings and a lifestyle designed independently without any reliance on one or more public utilities, or off-grid design is based on similar principles. Some designers feel that the grid limits creativity. Breaking out of the grid may lead to the ultimate creativity and the most interesting page designs.

You may find even more useful trends on web design from the Fireart Studio on our resources.


Web site statistics is a helpful thing in analyzing the design market, average levelers that drive today’s web designers, and how they attract new customers for media website development via web design stats and so much more. You may also check if the most significant trends are good for your design project and seek more useful insights in the field from Web Portal Design company.

Website user statistics used are retrieved via Hubspot, Sweor, and Sitejet.

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