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Initial Coin Offering, best known as ICO, is one of the most hyped-up trends in the cryptocurrency domain today. It works as a fundraising platform, impressing us with the geometric progression of its turnovers since 2014. Its income in 2017 was almost 65 times more than in 2016! As ICO business is huge and constantly developing, it may be hard to succeed in it. Yet we will show how to do that.

Cryptocurrency Website Design

It’s obvious that cryptocurrency ICO promises to stay with us for a while. Nobody involved in the business will be shot out, which is why we have to be prepared to work with ICO and ensure the best facilities for its development. One of the most important issues here is to build a website for cryptocurrency ICO. It should be simple and attractive to use, yet powerful enough to bring you the desired income. This is where beautiful and efficient ICO website design will be put to good use, and we are here to help you develop it.

First and foremost, let’s reveal some of our secrets and tell you some tips and tricks for cryptocurrency website design.

Tip №1: Build a Simple Yet Effective Structure

We won’t reinvent the wheel by saying that any project should be well organized and orderly structured. This is done for the sake of saving users’ time and efforts; however, some developers think that it is enough to simply create a website for cryptocurrency ICO, and only provide a clear menu screen and popup windows with further navigation. It isn’t.

To ensure the best functionality of your site, you should take note of how coherent the information is that is being presented to your users. Good structure is immediately seen on any site – and especially those based on a cryptocurrency landing page design. The story that you present should not only impress with its attractiveness but also be thematically connected with everything else on the site. Moreover, you need to build a landing page for an ICO which will consist of specific blocks that will provide the user with all the necessary data.

Information about the project

Here you may include all the technical details about your company or scope of work. You may outline some impressive points in the history of the project, list your most successful ICO, etc. Don’t make it too long, but try to convince users that your project is worth their investment.


In this block of information, your current ICO should be described in more detail. Don’t be afraid to add some technical data – if it has a “wow” effect, your users will be interested in reading it. Make sure to provide a link for joining your ICO, along with the whitepaper of the project.


Here you should give information about the ICO itself – for example, token sale terms with the remaining amount of tokens, buyback possibilities, necessary fees, etc.


People are very cautious with their money nowadays, and they usually need a good example to follow, in this domain. Use it! Include information about funds already raised and the number of investors already committed (better with engaging infographics), and enjoy the increased credibility of your ICO.


This is an extremely powerful feature of website design for an ICO. Firstly, it gives concise and accurate information about ICO development. Secondly, it pushes the users to participate before they miss their chance.


This section goes without saying – an investor should know who they give their money to. Of course, it isn’t obligatory to include all these sections; your landing page should not be overloaded with data. But be sure to mention all the necessary information to convince your users to take part in your ICO.