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Everything usually starts with an idea popping up into somebody’s head. What happens next depends on what kind of person has the idea. Sometimes it goes at lightning speed, sometimes it’s being carefully pushed over a long period of time. In any case, if you’re an entrepreneur, there is always a need for a creative website as it is something you can hardly avoid in a modern world. They serve multiple purposes:

  • Introduce the business
  • Create a good reputation
  • Build trust and credibility
  • Inform about new products/services
  • Suggest trials or discounts

All these goals can be reached by creating a worthy website that potential customers will understand and enjoy enough to actually remember your company. This is why the question of how to design a website for a startup is quite a hot topic. Technically, the process is the same, as you need drafts and other relevant info; however, on a deeper level, web design for startups is quite different from, for example, design for such famous brands as Adidas. Let’s see what can be done in order to catch that wave of success.

How to create a great startup website design

With a whole bunch of websites appearing every day, yours should definitely stand out and draw attention. Otherwise, there won’t be any chances for your company to grow. This is why it is essential to learn some tips and tricks about website design for startup businesses. Having them tucked under your belt, you’ll be a way stronger player in the current market.

1. Grab attention in the first 5 seconds

Browsing through an endless number of pages, users don’t usually spend too much time on each one. More than that, if they didn’t get really interested within the first five seconds, they are not likely to continue with this website at all. Making them go through all the pages is quite a difficult task, though it’s not impossible.

The process is similar when we meet new people. Spending some time together, we start to appreciate inner beauty, good moral qualities, positive attitude, sense of humor and all that; however, in the very beginning, we pay attention to the visual outlook. If this is completely out of line, the possibility of getting a friendly connection significantly reduces. Think about it while planning your web design, and use your first five seconds of attention wisely.

2. Craft completely clear and engaging messages

Even the best ideas can go unnoticed if you are unable to explain them clearly enough for other people to get inspired. When you start building a company, messaging should become one of your top priorities. The better you deliver the message the more people will follow. Unclear people and unclear websites rarely become popular.

It’s safe to say that the best startup website design is the one that has a great copy to accompany it. Sometimes, people think they can add random words to fill in the design where it’s appropriate, though this approach is far from perfect. Essentially, messaging has the ultimate importance, while design can play the role of a frame that draws attention to the main picture.

3. Don’t try to make a final version right away

It often happens that, in the very beginning, there is not enough income from businesses to afford a 15-page, professionally designed website. It is not critical for businesses to start with something more simple. As we discussed above, good messaging is above all when it comes to important choices. There are a limited number of features you need to kick start your business. There should be a description and clear CTA. With these, you have lots of chances to move forward.

Generally, it is safer to under-design rather than over-design. Simple white pages with clear messages in good old black letters will make do for a bit. Once you see that it is a good message that people understand, you can start thinking about the website color scheme design for startups to actually look beautiful.

4. Use video as a way of explaining your ideas

When opening a website for a famous company, users usually know what they are doing there. In this case, videos serve as additional bonuses, adding value to reputation and credibility. Not many people usually watch them, unless they become viral. For startup websites in any industry, it’s a completely different story.

You had your five seconds to catch somebody’s eye. Then, you suggest a clear message in plain words that engages the potential customer and makes them at least slightly interested in what you do. Now, they are interested enough to look for further explanation. That is when videos come in handy, as they give you a chance to explain everything in a fast and engaging manner.

Say you build a new platform that will help manicure specialists find their clients. Explaining exactly how this will benefit all the parties might take hundreds of hours of words. Most likely, your potential users will fall asleep or click the back button right away. But if you use a video with a trendy animated explanation, taking just one minute of their time, they might actually become your clients way faster.

5. Future proof and beta trials

Predicting upcoming trends is as important as following current ones. For example, some time ago, it was nice, but not necessary, to have a responsive website. Now, it is a must for any respectful company, as more people switch to mobile devices. Those who caught the wave before the others had an advantage.

When developing a personal website (it can be personal for business), keep your eyes wide open. Start building your website with a perfect plan, make it flawless in accordance with all the current trends, but also try to sneak a peek into the future and see what can bring you to the top. Whatever your current situation is, aim for the best and get your website ready for the future.

Don’t try to polish everything right away. Nothing can be perfect from the first try, so don’t even bother worrying about it. You cannot sell half-baked bread, but a half-baked website is a different story. It’s better to launch something so that people can taste your idea, instead of keeping it all to yourself waiting for the perfect designs to come together and make you perfectly happy.