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Real photographs look great but, in some situations, they might not be perfectly in style or ‘on brand’ with your business. In such cases, illustration in web design can be of great assistance. The idea behind such layouts is that the visual elements are all made by drawings, not by cameras.

To create something impressive, you might need some illustration website design inspiration and, for that purpose, we gathered up the best website illustration design in one article so that you can see how fantastic it can look. Review our 15 best illustration website design examples below to appreciate the illustrative material and get inspired for your own project. We sincerely hope this article will deliver some illustration website inspiration for you!


The Best Illustration Websites for your Inspiration 16

These graphics might seem simple, but they are very well thought-through. The concept of funny people performing actions in the background works pretty well for software apps. They don’t distract too much, while making the page somehow warmer and friendlier, and giving you the sense that you want to download that specific app. This is one of the most outstanding examples of illustrations in web design.

2. Bank of England

The Best Illustration Websites for your Inspiration 17

This surprisingly fun website with graphics belongs to the Bank of England. It’s a great instance of the best illustration websites. There are probably not many people who expected such a conservative institution to use this modern and standout approach. Luckily, they tried – and we can add them to our examples of illustration in web design.

3. Future living

The Best Illustration Websites for your Inspiration 18

Try clicking on the picture here. Isn’t it great to be able to interact with the picture in such a direct way? Staying on one page, you get the whole story told by a single illustration. This is a wonderful idea.

4. Got Milk?

The Best Illustration Websites for your Inspiration 19

This illustration was made by one of our designers in Fireart.Studio for a social campaign. The theme is light and modern, perfect for the fast-moving world.  This technique works perfectly well when you want to add some new charm to older concepts.

5. The Last March

The Best Illustration Websites for your Inspiration 20

Check the mind-blowing story behind the iPhone wallpaper. Bright colors, cool characters, built-in video links – everything makes you want to interact with it. Once you start interacting, there’s no way to stay indifferent to the message.

6. Lapin

The Best Illustration Websites for your Inspiration 21

This is a good example of how attractive illustrations look on websites. You might want to consider using illustrations of your products instead of pictures that everyone is accustomed to. That might be a huge piece of work, especially if you sell more than fifteen different items. The result, however, might be worth it as people tend to remember beautiful and unusual presentations.

7. MyCalendar

The Best Illustration Websites for your Inspiration 22

Another example of our creations. Clear and light theme, airy textures, gentle colors – everything directs you to calm down and concentrate on the calendar, which is exactly what you need when planning your deadlines.

8. Kevin Monger

The Best Illustration Websites for your Inspiration 23

A combination of pictures and illustrations can also be a great approach sometimes. Here is a way of doing it on a simple white background with very little elements that can distract the attention of the main character, who is the owner of the site. We bet there were many potential customers and employers downloading this resume.

9. PEZ Candies

The Best Illustration Websites for your Inspiration 24

Most of us remember Pez Candies but, after looking through their official website, you are likely to start searching for them on your next shopping trip, just like you did as a kid. Here are some reasons why this example is a perfect piece of illustration:

  • Clarity
  • Bright colors
  • Lots of shapes
  • Long and fun scrolling

Just look at the way they created a story behind this candy brand. Hands down, this is one of the most amazing illustrations for websites.

10. Digit Duel

The Best Illustration Websites for your Inspiration 25

You are likely going to go through this website several times before starting to look at something other than the illustrations. The way they change, going from one to the other, reminds us of digital dance. Colors and shapes are all in balance and, of course, everything serves the main purpose – to advertise the game.

11. House at Khlebny

The Best Illustration Websites for your Inspiration 26

The designer of this website decided to stick to the trend of watercolor illustrations, and it does look very attractive, especially considering the story and the product behind it. Also, check out the way they show the location. There are probably many potential clients who just wanted to go explore the shop in person to see if it looks as beautiful as the website does.

12. Mi Banxico

The Best Illustration Websites for your Inspiration 27

Bright colors, just enough animation, funny characters – that’s a good recipe for an illustrated website. These illustrations support the story rather than actually tell it, but that’s the point here. It is important to distinguish where the story can be told through graphics, and where words and text are highly required.

13. Malika Favre

The Best Illustration Websites for your Inspiration 28

Here is one more portion of illustration website design inspiration. Scroll down this page and tell us – have you ever seen anything like this? It feels like you are visiting a contemporary art museum, doesn’t it? The only possible problem with such a layout might be that potential customers actually look at it as at a museum where they might appreciate the pieces, but not buy them.

14. Animal

The Best Illustration Websites for your Inspiration 29

Visiting this website can be quite a crazy experience for those who are used to a classic and considerate approach. Shaking screen, wild beasts, brave copy – these are the main traits here. Not everyone wants something like that for their company. As for web design… it’s crazy cool, which is what you’ll probably say after seeing all of the suggested examples. However, this remains a great sample of website design illustration.

15. Parklife

The Best Illustration Websites for your Inspiration 30

Any visitor of this website can get an idea of what it is about in about five seconds, upon laying eyes on it; however, it doesn’t mean that you’d want to scroll or change this page right away. Small details draw attention in this illustration webdesign and keep it for a while. If that’s what you need for the potential visitors of your website, consider concentrating on those tiny details and small animations right in the middle of the crowd of pictures.


We hope you enjoyed at least some of these creative and beautiful examples of illustrations in web design. All of them are special and belong to different techniques and artistic styles. It is not easy to create something like these illustration website examples, as all the little details should be in harmony with the templates and icons and the whole concept of business.

Looking at all of these illustration website examples, you might notice that they are unique and convey a clear idea behind the design. The latter reflects the essence of the brand and thus adds individuality to each project. Hopefully, this article has brought some illustration web design inspiration for you, and you are ready to create a project of your own.

If you consider adding web design illustrations to your website, do not hesitate to contact us at Fireart Studio. We unite talented designers who know how to focus on your business’ competitive advantages and present them most attractively. We would gladly listen to all your ideas and offer some great concepts to suit your brand and help your customers know your company better. If you consider getting a web design illustration, please consider contacting us at Fireart Studio. We have great designers who know how to underline the competitive advantages of business and show it in the most attractive ways.