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In the endless sea of web development opportunities and tools, we can build websites for different tastes, moods, and industries. Web development tools offer a large number of pre-designed templates, layouts, and patterns that can make a site look beautiful and versatile.

However, there are two important things, which modern websites lack – creativity and originality. To make a site stand out from the company’s competitors on the web and build a tight emotional connection with web visitors, we should apply a more creative approach and add more soul to web design.

It is hard to find a better way to spice up a web design than using a digital illustration. In this article, we will consider 5 reasons to use an illustration in your web design.

Outshine Competitors on the Web

Illustration by Barbara Morrigan for Fireart Studio

The digital illustration presents a taste of originality by default since it is difficult to repeat by anyone else. You can create it according to your company’s style and incorporate branded elements right in the image. It will emphasize the brand’s unique look and make an online presence even more attractive. 

Many digital illustration artists recommend using an illustration to reveal the essence of your corporate culture, express the company’s values, and outline your team’s big goals.

Demonstrate Your Brand’s Character

Design by Barbara Morrigan for Fireart Studio

Every brand is a unique personality with its own traits of character, peculiarities of appearance, and mood. Using pre-designed templates, you will have no option to express all these amazing features that make your company memorable for customers. On the contrary, digital illustration is a perfect way to transfer your brand’s strong character and convey its unique texture. 

Dynamic-looking, creative-thinking, authoritative, fast like a flash, and trusted by hundreds of other customers. What is your brand image? Once this image is defined, you can encrypt it in the narrative digital illustrations on your website.

Illustration by Yuliia Dobrokhod for Fireart Studio

Complete Freedom Over Design

Design by Mufidul for Fireart Studio

When designing a website you usually have a variety of design elements to apply to each part of your website, from fonts to the overall theme. The only issue is only that, the most likely, all of them come in a package offered by a platform. For instance, every layout comes together with a specific set of colors and fonts. 

We shouldn’t forget that other companies can have access to the same packages. Despite these features are commonly customizable, they still look not artistic and original, and can be easily recognized as a template.

Investing in custom digital illustration design, you will get a completely original and eye-catching style of your brand for an online audience. You take complete control over design, you are free to create a visual look that satisfies your desires and aesthetic requirements.

Make a Lasting Impression

Design by Barbara Morrigan for Fireart Studio

As known, a digital illustration artwork is a  powerful tool for audience engagement and setting warm emotional bonds with potential customers. This connection between a brand and its audience can grow into long-term relationships based on trust and adoration.

Using a funny digital character illustration, visual metaphors, distinctive style, and the latest digital illustration trends you can make your website design create a bright first impression and stick to the user’s memory. 

Tell Your Brand Story

Design by Andrejs Hairulins for Fireart Studio

The illustration digital art is a great way to tell your brand’s story to customers. Instead of telling facts of your company’s history, you can spice up a story with different types of digital illustration. It will help to transmit your ideas more effectively and in a more engaging way. So, customers will not only enjoy your Cinderella’s story, from the beginning and to the skyrocketing success, but also its visual presentation.


Do you want to create a website that conquers the customer’s hearts with an exclusive style? Then you should try to apply digital graphic illustration. They are the needed spices for your online business presence and will make your brand stand out in the modern digital space. 

The digital illustration will help your business look unique and prominent on the web. It contributes much to establishing customer loyalty to a brand and (it may sound surprising!) improves conversion rates.