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The use of clean designs has become a cooling trend for the world of web design. More and more website you choose to use structures with large spaces, allowing the user to concentrate on just a few activities; those that are considered the most relevant site and generally call the main action.

Generally we use the term “clean” to describe a class website that you choose to use a wide spacing, symmetrical alignments and colors that promote openness. This type of structure promotes a sense of professionalism and quality, so use in the design community has been constantly increasing.

A web design clean has the advantage of being simple and functional, so when used on a site, it automatically points to a positive user experience, which in turn means that the probability of success increases. We must be clear that this type of design is the best reception has by users who surf the Internet, which is why we recommend using concepts for your project template.

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Clean is not the same as minimalist

Commonly, when you talk about clean web design, most people think of minimalism. However, we must clarify that a clean design has no direct relationship or any kind of bond with minimalism, because it focuses on aesthetics of the page. A minimalist design is clean, but a clean web design does not have to be minimalist.

The confusion between the two terms is very frequent and easy to make. While there are some similarities and coincidences of design principles between the two terms, there are fundamental differences. The minimalist design tends to focus on removing the superfluous and non-essential items, to thereby allow the main message of the site is the center of attention, that’s why we use each item must have a fully justifiable purpose.

For its part, the design cleanly leads us to refine and expose what, instead of removing all that is possible. If there is a word that we use to define the clean design, that must be refined. Each individual element should look like it belongs to and should benefit and complement the overall design. This will lead to the overall design is balanced, allowing information to flow and easy to consume. Learn more about website design trends here.

How to create a clean design?

Often have less is more and the web design that applies perfectly. A messy, full of unnecessary design elements, with a poor flow and saturation of spaces, it represents a very bad experience for the user. That’s why you should look for a balance between content and graphic elements of the page, so in this way the number of overloaded elements is diminished drastically.

The use of white space in our designs represents a rest for the eyes of our visitors, plus it provides a contrast between content and design elements that create the page, helping the user find exactly what you are looking and thus decreases the possibility to leave the site quickly.

To achieve a clean design, we must ensure that we use the graphics on the page are common knowledge and fulfill its mission, otherwise the site will be perceived as empty. It is very important that we seek to direct the attention of visitors to where we want by using pictures and graphics.

Blanks, margins, padding and height of text lines, play a crucial role in creating a clean web design. By providing adequate space between the elements of a Web site an open feeling is generated and gives elegance.

A clean is satisfied visitors

As we have previously managed, the usability is a factor that should always be considered as paramount, is something that must be taken into account whenever we make a design to promote a pleasant stay.

The clean design can create better experiences, which in turn improves the usability. This is because it is easier to find the important content elements like navigation, buttons and links to social networks, and forms to execute an action are easily accessible.

Knowing how to apply this type of design and the advantages that may result in something very valuable to the web designer. A clean design conveys a sense of refinement and sophistication, and that is precisely why many visitors enjoy viewing.


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