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15 Features of a Successful Mobile Banking App

If you had to leave only one app on your smartphone, the chances are high that it would be your bank’s app. The benefits…

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Michal Kapias
14 min read
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4 Things to Know When Mastering FinTech App UX Design

While many banks all over the world are losing their customers, fintech applications are gaining even more attention. Traditional banks have had a powerful…

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Kostia Varhatiuk
5 min read
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UI Design for a FinTech App: 6 Handy Practices

In the tough embrace of technologies, financial services have developed much during the last years. The mix of these two words is known today…

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Kostia Varhatiuk
5 min read

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Mobile App Onboarding Designs for Your Inspiration

Users may better understand what they’ll need to complete through an app’s or product’s onboarding design. It’s a method of gaining the trust and…

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Dmitrij Hladkyi
3 min read
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Dark Mode in UI Design for Mobile Apps: Beauty Born in the Darkness

In this article, we are considering why the dark mode of mobile apps is becoming amazingly popular today and how to design it the…

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Kostia Varhatiuk
6 min read
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How To Design A Powerful CTA Button For A Mobile Application

Mobile app user interfaces consist of different elements, each of which serves a certain purpose. A call-to-action (CTA) button is one of the most…

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Kostia Varhatiuk
5 min read

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Ultimate App Design Collection

The success or failure of a product, as well as the success or failure of the company itself, ultimately depends on how well planned…

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Dmitrij Hladkyi
4 min read
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Legacy Application Modernization Strategy

Addressing all issues related to legacy applications, from cost to customer and employee experience, is the main justification for modernizing legacy programs. Although the…

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Dima Venglinski
12 min read
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App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet

In fact, there are so many useful mobile app ideas that haven’t yet become real products. Almost every business has an application designed to…

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Dima Venglinski
10 min read


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Chief Technology Officer at Fireart

Software developer deep by heart, loves reusable components. Always put client’s needs in a first place, to find a perfect balance for golden triangle: time, money and functionality

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Head of Graphic Design

Passionate about shapes, lines and textures, transforming your ideas into illustrations that speak for themselves.

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Chief Executive Officer

IT businessman with experience in developing digital products. Built and developed a company from 1 to 150+ people in 10 years, and keep going.

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Head of Product Design

Passionate advocate for the good design of products and services, with a history of working in the various fields. Fully committed to delivering outstanding experiences and solving business needs.

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